Thursday, October 15, 2020

NYFF & Nightstream's a Wrap!

The two film festivals that've been happily devouring all of my time for the past few weeks have just come to their respective closes -- I've now seen all I'm gonna see from the 2020 editions of the New York Film Festival and the Nightstream Fest (which is what this year's Brooklyn Horror Fest morphed into thanks to the pandemic) and written all I am probably going to write from them as well. I've got this year's NewFest starting tomorrow, after all! So before that takes over, let's look back, with quick easy links to all of my reviews in case you missed them.


Beginning -- reviewed here 

Fauna -- reviewed here

French Exit -- reviewed here

Hopper/Welles -- reviewed here

The Human Voice -- reviewed here

Lovers Rock -- reviewed here

Malmkrog -- reviewed here

Mangrove -- reviewed here

Red White and Blue -- reviewed here

Tragic Jungle -- reviewed here

Undine -- reviewed here

Films I watched at NYFF but didn't review -- MLK/FBI, The Monopoly of Violence, Her Socialist Smile, Stump the Guesser; Isabella; Night of the Kings; Days; American Utopia; Nomadland; The Salt of Tears; Zero For Conduct; Flowers of Shanghai; Swimming Out Til the Sea Turns Blue; I Carry You With Me; The Woman Who Ran; Notturno; Meeting the Man: James Baldwin in Paris

Nightstream Fest

Bloody Hell -- reviewed here

Deadline -- reviewed here

Hunted -- reviewed here

Lapsis -- reviewed here

Lucky -- reviewed here

The Queen of Black Magic -- reviewed here

Rose Plays Julie -- reviewed here

Films I watched for Nightstream but didn't review: It Cuts Deep; Dinner in America; Darkness; Survival Skills; The Doorman; Shock Value: The Movie—How Dan O'Bannon and Some USC Outsiders Helped Invent Modern Horror


If you want my quick thoughts on any of those titles that I didn't review ask here in the comments and I'll share some! I'm especially annoyed that I didn't get the chance to write about Nomadland and Days and I Carry You With Me (all stunning) out of NYFF, and Dinner in America from Nightstream which was great fun, and which deservedly won the Audience Award.


Maria said...

Did I dream this or did Kyle Gallner once played a teen prostitute opposite Evan Peters who was also a teen (transgender maybe?) prostitute with liek Tom Arnold and that girl from Community?

Anonymous said...

Is that the old ('30s or '40s) French film Zero for Conduct? I saw that a very long time ago, only have a few vague memories of images like the pillow fight sequence.

Jason Adams said...

Maria -- I had never heard of it but IMDb tells me you're speaking of Gardens of the Night from 2008

Anon -- Yes, the Jean Vigo film from 1933; it got a beautiful new restoration that NYFF screened. I'd never seen it. It was terrific. All the gay storyline stuff shocked me; way ahead of its time.