Thursday, December 01, 2022

Josh O'Connor Four Times

Looks like I will be running out to the local magazine shop here in New York soon, as this photo of Josh O'Connor appears to be one of the covers for the latest issue! The last time I made that trip was actually also for Arena Hommes+ magazine, funny enough, when they put Jonathan Majors on their cover. Worth it! Hit the jump for three more photos from the shoot...

The Only List That Matters

Some cineastes are drooling over Sight and Sound magazine's new "Greatest Films of All Time" list dropping today (Jeanne Dielman, holla!) and good for them, but even better, even more important -- John Waters dropped his annual Top 10 Movies of the year list at ArtForum! Read it right here. As always it's a trough of deliciousness, including two count 'em two François Ozon movies, that one with all the cock-sucking, oh and a lil' movie about Timmy the Cannibal too! I've seen all but three of these movies and second the seven I have seen. John gets it.

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Hermann Kermit Warm: This is the great challenge that all prospectors face. How do I get at what's just beneath my feet? There's only two solutions, of course: hard labor and good luck.

Hooray another opportunity to post the name "Hermann Kermit Warm" aka quite possibly my favorite character name of all time, which belongs to Riz Ahmed in Jacques Audiard's 2018 masterpiece The Sisters Brothers. And it's not just one reason I have this opportunity today, but two! Two reasons, wah ah ah. Number one it's Riz's 40th birthday today! Everybody close your eyes and send warm (Hermann Kermit Warm) vibes in Riz's general direction right now. You can send them above or below the belt -- I don't judge.

That's as good a way to spend our time while we wait and wait and wait for one of the four projects he's got lined up to come to us anyway -- he hasn't been in anything at all this year! A year without Riz is not a year well spent, y'all. But the dry spell should end in 2023 -- one of the projects is a new version of Hamlet and yes, sigh, another version of Hamlet. I know. But it's a modern version and it's from the director of that Ben Whishaw movie Surge (which was a good and interesting movie) and best of all Riz's co-stars are Morfydd Clark (from Saint Maud and Fellowship of the Ring) as Ophelia and Joe Alwyn as Laertes. Good cast!

And another interesting sounding project he's working on is called Fingernails from Apples director Christos Nikou -- I still haven't managed to see Apples but lots of people have told me I should, and Nikou is known for his previous work with Yorgos Lanthimos so I really totally should get on that. Best of all alongside Riz this movie co-stars Jessie Buckley and Jeremy Allen White; another groovy good cast. Not much of a shock that people wanna work with Riz at this point, I suppose. But good to see. 

But none of that was my second reason for posting this post today -- the important other news besides Riz's 40th is that the fine folks at Arrow UK are putting out a limited edition 4K blu-ray of The Sisters Brothers in February! This movie's weirdly gone out of print here in the US -- you can get over-priced blus on Amazon still but for a movie that's only four years old I was worried the studio was letting this one slip through the cracks. Granted this is a UK disc so you'll need a region-free player here in the US but well I have one, so I'm set. And that's what matters most. You can pre-order the disc right here; it looks loaded with extras, too. Happy Rizzy stuff everywhere, huzzah.

Five Frames From ?

What movie is this?

Good Morning, Gratuitous Pier-Gabriel Lajoie

Far far far too long since I've checked in on Quebecois actor and model Pier-Gabriel Lajoie, who co-starred in my favorite Bruce La Bruce movie Gerontophilia way back in 2013 -- how is that movie about to be a decade old already??? Anyway it's not really my fault as Lajoie hasn't really done a lot of acting in that time, and none of it was in anything that made its way south of the border as far as I can recognize off of IMDb. But that's about to change as he's in the new thing from Xavier Dolan!

(Took ya long enough, Xav.) It's not a movie, though -- Dolan's made himself a fancy five-episode prestige series, he has. Described as a Hitchcockian psychological thriller and based on a play by the writer Marc Brouchard, who also wrote the basis of Dolan's film Tom at the Farm (aka my favorite thing Dolan's ever done) the series is titled, deep breath, The Night Where Laurier Gaudreault Woke Up, and it stars Dolan himself as well as Julie Le Breton and Patrick Hivon...

... the latter of whom recently caught my eye in the flick Babysitter -- a movie I couldn't stand, but he caught my eye anyway -- which happened to be directed by and starred Monia Chokri, who was the star of a couple of Dolan's earlier films (Heartbeats and Laurence Anyways, that is). Who'd have thought the Quebecois Film Industry so incestuous, har har. Anyway the series will be premiering on Canal+ in January so we'll have to wait and see when the U.S. gets it, but there is now a trailer!

I'm not even sure if I noticed Pier-Gabriel in there? The series is set in two different time periods (in the 1990s and in 2019) and he's apparently in the flashback portion; he's also only in a single episode, so who knows how much. But seeing his name in the cast-list brought me joy anyway, and I'm sure Dolan will play up his prettiness when he's got him in front of his lens at least; Xavier is very good at that. Until then though I went and gathered up some photos of Pier-Gabriel that have never been posted here, and that's how we will spend this morning! Hit the jump and enjoy...

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Requiem For a Fraser

Last night I attended the NYC premiere of Darren Aronofsky's new movie The Whale, which was a groovy thing to do indeed -- above you'll see some video I took of Aronofsky introducing his star Brendan Fraser and also giving a shout-out to one of the world's greatest actresses who was in the audience. No hints on my thoughts on the film yet, so don't ask -- I'm reviewing it for Pajiba next week when it's hitting theaters and you'll hear from me then. For now here is the trailer though, which I'm shocked to realize I hadn't posted yet:

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Badlands (1973)

Holly: Did you hear about the guy at the nuthouse that walked around naked except for hat and gloves? This nurse came up to him and said, "You can't walk around that way." And the guy says, "It's okay, nobody comes around here anyway." And the nurse says, "Well, what do you have on the hat and gloves for?" And the guy says, "Well, you never know..."

A happy 79 to the director Terrence Malick today! I bought the Criterion blu of Badlands earlier this year, I should give it a look since I haven't seen this movie in ages. Depending on the day it, The New World, or Days of Heaven are my favorite films of his, but you can't go wrong with any of those. After that... well, notsomuch. I'm not a fan of The Tree of Life at all. I did really dig A Hidden Life, his most recent movie, though. Anyway here, a poll:

A Man For All Reasons

Although his role in Pearl was small I sure did like getting to stare at David Corenswet some alongside Mia Goth's tremendous work in that terrific Ti West entertainment, and yesterday came news that we'll be getting more opportunities of that sort, phew -- Deadline's reporting he'll star in a new FX series from producers Danny Strong (aka Buffy Nerd Jonathan Forever) and one Darren Aronofsky called The Answers, based on the 2018 book by Catherine Lacey (anybody read it) which they compare to The Handmaid's Tale. Here's the plot:

"... set in the near future, where a heartbroken young woman, Mary, joins an enigmatic experiment that promises to hack love, but after moving into an idyllic, secluded location with her fellow female participants, she and the other women start questioning what’s really happening in the experiment, and why they’ve all been tasked with dating the same mysterious man, Christopher Skye (Corenswet). Christopher Skye, a movie star, is a man of contradictions. When we first meet him, we are so taken with his talent, charisma, and raw power, we absolutely believe he is one of the world’s most eligible bachelors. However, the more we get to know Christopher, the more we see his wild neuroses and his deep despair. This is a man who, on the surface, has everything, but underneath feels empty."

Sounds like Sci-Fi The Bachelor, right? Well even though I am sure there's a traumatic twist I can think of far worse things than being forced to date David Corenswet. Far, far worse things. They better have really awful things up their sleeves is my point. I mean Oscar Isaac was really fucking evil in Ex Machina and they barely got me on the robot's side on that one, given how blisteringly hot he was while simultaneously being so evil. Hey don't glare at me -- I was irreparably scarred by childhood trauma, I'm allowed to have some sordid impulses dammit. And believe me I'm much more boring in practice than in theory.

Aaaanyway this isn't the only prestige series back on a recent bestselling book that Corenswet has lined up -- he's also co-starring opposite Natalie Portman no less in Lady in the Lake, an adaptation of Laura Lipman's 2019 novel about a housewife in 1960s Baltimore who tries to solve the murder of a woman that nobody's trying to solve. This series is being run by Alma Har'el, director of Honey Boy, and has already finished production. And then there's a romantic film called The Greatest Hits that David is starring in with actress Lucy Boynton, which I only bring up because the two of them were photographed romping on a beach in their underpants back in October and I forgot to post it! Goodness gracious! So hit the jump for a couple dozen photos of David Corenswet in soaking wet boxer briefs, if you please...

Five Frames From ?

What movie is this?

Good Morning, World

Whoops I am being lazy again! Yesterday I shared two photos of House of Dragon actor Fabien Frankel with you from Man About Town magazine because they were the first images I saw online that morning and they seemed plenty. Well today I am sharing one additional yet single and solitary photo of Fabien from the exact same photo-shoot, and I didn't even see this one this morning -- I saw it last night and I decided you know what? Good enough. And it is! Good enough! I mean look at them legs. Just begging to be tossed over one's shoulders...

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Theo To a Summer's Day

Sorry for the sorta-quietude on here today, I've been working on some elsewhere stuff! To make it up to you there is a lovely photo of Theo James via Vanity Fair, where they chatted with him about The White Lotus and dealing with dick headlines and the like. Dick head... lines. Heh. Sorry I'm just amusing myself -- don't mind me. Aaaanyway now I have a screening I have to run to (can you say "New Aronofsky") so that's that for today, I'm afraid. Let's see how Wednesday treats us, huh? It is Hump Day after all...

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Cindy: Look, if it's about that time
I puked green slime and masturbated
with a crucifix, it was my first keg party, Bobby!

Happy 46 to Anna Faris today! And riddle me this: can you believe that I have never seen a single Scary Movie movie? Not one. I've seen some of the gags from them over the years but I have here a full twenty-two years on never sat down and watched one from start to finish. Not even when I was obsessed with Anna Faris circa The House Bunny era. Maybe over the holidays I should try to binge them? Although I worry these are the sorts of movies that have not aged well. Thoughts? Anyway I am happy that Anna is working in movies again now that she's done raking it in on her sitcom, although I totally missed The Estate...

... when it screened earlier this month and that one co-starred Toni Collette! As Anna Faris' sister! Also Rosemarie DeWitt and Kathleen f'ing turner! For shame on me. I'll see it when it hits digital. Did any of you see it? Anna has another movie lined up too -- she's co-starring in the new movie from John Krokidas, director of Kill Your Darlings, called Tunnels. It's about a teenager (played by It actor Jaeden Martell) whose brother is killed in a school shooting who makes friends with the shooter's grandmother (played by Susan Sarandon, sigh). Besides Faris it also co-stars Patrick Wilson and Alicia Silverstone. I don't think that one's even filmed yet. Get on it already, lazies!

Five Frames From ?

What movie is this?

Good Morning, World

As I said the last time I posted a couple of photos of House of the Dragon actor Fabien Frankel back in September, I feel some ownership over Fabien's lil' breakout (to be, at this early point still) since I knew the second I laid eyes on him opposite Tahar Rahim in The Serpent that he could be going places. The two of them oozed so much homoerotic chemistry how could I not sit up and take notice? Anyway this new shoot is for Man About Town magazine (via) and there will probably be more to come but I'm being a little lazy this morning, posting the first photos I saw. But they're good and worth posting, wouldn't you say?

Monday, November 28, 2022

Them Golden Bones

In retrospect, after Luca Guadagnino's cannibal romance Bones and All didn't make much money at all this weekend in its big debut in theaters, I probably shouldn't have started out my new Mashable piece on its Oscar chances with talk about the Horror Genre being a big-bucks-bringer this year, haha! Oh well, that's what happens when you submit a piece a couple weeks early. But to be clear this movie, which I adore (here's my review), was never going to be a mainstream hit -- it is far too arty and weird for any of that, which was the same well that Luca's Suspiria remake (aka my favorite movie of 2018) fell down. I was joking around on twitter a couple of weeks ago about this movie probably getting an "F" rating from audiences Cinema-score-wise, so that it only ended up with a "B" is good news I think! Just remember that Wolf Creek, a horror masterpiece, got an "F" back in the day -- movies that actually challenge form and structure and content are often big ol' flops in their original release. Anyway I agree with Clayton at Variety that the bad box office doesn't necessarily doom the movie's couple of slight chances at Oscar nominations -- the Indie Spirits proved that they loved the film already with its nominations. We'll see. And as I always say -- awards nominations are bullshit, good movies last forever. Bones and All will live on and ten years from now be regarded properly.

James McAvoy Seven Times

Here's your Monday lunch-break read -- James McAvoy for GQ, check it here. I'm about to go grab my own food and plan on doing just that when I get back -- for now I just have the photos for you. Did you notice his toes are painted? I wish that had been my job. Official toe painter to the stars, I dig it. Hit the jump for the snaps...

That's Not the Truth, Ellen

Yesterday was a high holy holiday, and it had nothing to do with Thanksgiving -- it was the three year anniversary of that time Dakota Johnson was on Ellen DeGeneres' talk-show and called her out for not coming to her birthday party! As y'all probably know from this site I've gotten less interested in celebrity gossip over the years and miss out on lots of big mainstream pop culture moments because I have fostered a cloistered bubble for myself where I only spend time with media I am interested in, but for some reason I was obsessed with this one, and so I ended up writing about it yesterday for Mashable. Click here to read it! Team Dakota Forever, baby.

Five Frames From ?

What movie is this?

Good Morning, World

The second actor Leo Woodall scratched his bare butt on last night's latest episode of The White Lotus I knew my "Good Morning, World" post was accounted for! Thank you Leo and thank you (forever and ever) Mike White. I won't get into specifics since some of you might be behind...

... (heh) but if y'all wanna talk the show in the comments go at it! I'll just say I think this season's a ton of fun and I have absolutely no idea what's going to happen in the final two episodes which is as always a delight. I like being surprised! I also like the below photo of Leo snuggling with his co-star Adam DiMarco while Aubrey Plaza makes exactly the same face I would if that was me: 

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

The Gang Goes Gobble Gobble

There is very nearly too much out this week for me to even keep a handle on, but lemme try real quick, before I take off for the evening. I always say before a holiday that I might pop back on here to update things and then never do -- of course now that I have said I never do I probably will because there's nothing I love better than proving myself foolish. Well that's not entirely true -- I also really love being lazy. So it's a battle between those two to see which wins out!

Anyway -- lotsa movies is my point! Many of which I have already reviewed or will have reviews going up for sometime this week. But let's start with a movie that falls into neither of those categories -- Rian Johnson's Knives Out sequel Glass Onion, which I saw last night (see down at the bottom of this post for some video of Johnson and a choice friend introducing the movie) but which I have no plans to review. It's hitting some theaters this week and y'all should go, it's fun. I'm not these movies most enthusiastic fan but they're fun enough. I thought the endless cameos in this one were a little much, but I am after all joyless and dead inside so your mileage will probably vary.

Oh and another movie out this week that I have seen but don't plan on reviewing is the new Lady Chatterly's Lover with Jack O'Connell -- even though I'm not writing about it doesn't mean it's bad, though. I liked it well enough. And not just because what I tweeted above. Although, you know, that never hurts. Literally never.

As for movies that I have already reviewed that are hitting theaters this week -- most importantly there is Luca Guadagnino's cannibal romance Bones and All, obviously. Here is my review of that. I think it's awesomely good and think you should see it. It got some Indie Spirit nominations today which surprised me -- I really think the film will be too weird for awards. But good for the Spirits. (Also I might have a piece coming on this exact subject hitting some time soon as well.) And then also out this week -- although only here in NYC, I think -- is Noah Baumbach's White Noise, which I reviewed right here. It's also terrific! Greta Gerwig, baby! They dropped a trailer today, too:

As for movies that I have reviews posting later this week -- keep your eyes trained on Pajiba for my takes on the films Devotion with Jonathan Majors and Glen Powell, as well as Steven Spielberg's autobiographical fable called The Fabelmans. Maybe I will pop back in here and share those links this week when the links arrive... maybe not. It's the most exciting thing that will happen all week, this guessing game! Make sure you hold your breath! Even when you're eating mashed potatoes. Especially when eating your mashed potatoes. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! (And don't forget to use MNPP's Amazon link to do your holiday shopping with!)