Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Good Morning, World

Barry Keoghan's newfound exhibitionist streak should be commended every opportunity we're given. Bravo, Barry! Bravo.

ETA and speak of the cheeky devil...

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

 ... you can learn from:

Images (1972)

Hugh: What's black and white and black and white 
and black and white? A nun falling down stairs.

The great Robert Altman was born 99 years ago today.
Any fans of Images? I only saw it for the first time in the past
couple of years but it immediately became a fave.

Today's Mood

Jawbreaker Turned 25

Just realized I'd linked to this everywhere else but here -- yesterday was the 25th anniversary of Darren Stein's teen dark comedy classic Jawbreaker and I wrote about the movie for Mashable -- read it right here. My piece is not at all about hot actor Ethan Erickson and his popsicle skills but why not use that as the image here on MNPP? It's audience appropriate. No instead what I write about is the film's full embrace of the "bitch" archetype and how we just don't get celebrations of that character in teen comedies anymore. And that's a real damn shame!

Five Frames From ?

What movie is this?

Barry Keoghan Ten Times

Promising Young Woman and Saltburn director Emerald Fennell's aversion to subtlety is one of my favorite things about her, while it seems to annoy a lot of other people -- a fact that no doubt delights her as much as it does me. That's surely not going to change with this new photoshoot of her Saltburn star Barry Keoghan for W Magazine's annual "Director's Issue" which sees her shooting the ever game Barry all dolled up in latex and gore. And what a delight it is!

Exactly what one wants to see first thing on a Monday -- oh excuse me a Tuesday -- morning. (I forgot we had a holiday yesterday already.) You might think I'm being facetious but... well no I doubt anybody who's read this site for longer than five seconds thinks I'm being facetious. This is exactly the energy I want to carry into every single week. Hit the jump for the full shoot...

Good Morning, World

We see you, Andrew Scott.

Friday, February 16, 2024

He's Our President Now

This photo was of course included in my truly extensive collection of Jeremy Allen White's Calvin Klein campaign photos and videos -- that you can see here. I'm pretty sure there's not a single image from that campaign I missed, and given my proclivity for making gifs I even added a few to the conversation! This one was buried toward the middle though, so why not give it a proper showcase here at the top of the site for the long weekend, given it's also JAW's birthday tomorrow? It's certainly worthy of the attention. White is turning 33, otherwise known as The Jesus Year, and if he would like me to get on my ken es he just need ask. Actually given his height I'd probably have to lay on my side but whatever -- I'll do it! For you, JAW, anything!

Aaaanyway yes like I said above it's a three-day weekend for me -- it wasn't meant to be until a couple of hours ago when my office suddenly decided we'll go ahead and close for President's Day, which I'm pretty sure we've never closed for before. And not to say that there's any iteration of a bad "day off" but I will cop to them seeming sweeter when they pop up unexpectedly like this. I have no plans for it, I will just be lazy and delighted about said laziness. Oh and I might go see Madame Web because reviews like this one, calling it unbridled camp, have captured my imagination. We get genuine camp so infrequently! 

All that said if y'all see anything of note tell me 
in the comments. And please, have a good one!

Morgan Spector Two Times


Pic of the Day

Similar to what I just said in my previous post about Franz Rogowski, one does have to wonder at what point Jacob Elordi will sell out -- I think he's got to be getting soooo much pressure from his people to make some generic well-paid crap (and I said "well paid" so don't come at me with those Kissing Booth movies he got famous with). And yet here we are with our first look at him in his next role in Oh, Canada! from iconoclast filmmaker Paul Schrader. There are more photos at that link -- the film also reunites Schrader with his American Gigolo star Richard Gere, and is an adaptation of Russell Banks’ novel Foregone about a documentarian who famously fled to Canada to avoid the Vietnam draft  and agrees, as he nears death from cancer, to give an interview on his life. Gere plays the dying dude, and Uma Thurman plays his wife. I'm guessing Jacob Elordi holds the camera, since that is a picture of him holding a camera.

His Name is Lubo

I remain curious to see at what point, if any, that our boy Franz Rogowski will begin taking let's say less challenging roles in Hollywood -- he does have that extremely strange sounding role in Animal Kingdom director David Michôd's marijuana-caper Wizards! with Orlando Bloom and Pete Davidson (see my previous posts here) but I'm not totally sure how "Hollywood" you can claim that movie to be; Michôd's last movie might've been The King with Timmy Chalamet but he still feels kinda like a Aussie arthouse dude to me, and Wizards! just sounds very, very weird. 

Anyway for now Franz still has some tough and challenging roles on his plate, and we just got new word on one of them -- his movie Lubo with Italian director Giorgio Diritti has lined up American distrobution, says Variety (thx Mac). So hopefully we'll get it before the year is through. (It played at Venice last fall.) Both of those photos above are from the film, which Variety describes thusly:

"Rogowski play[s] a young man who belongs to a group of Yenish nomads, and in 1939 is forced to serve in the Swiss military under threat from the Nazi army. Upon hearing that his children, due to their ethnicity, have been taken away by Swiss authorities — who also killed his wife while she opposed them — Lubo defects from the army and spends the next 30 years searching for his kids... Italy’s Valentina Bellé, known for the Disney+ series The Good Mothers and a European Shooting Star at this year’s Berlinale, also stars in the drama as a young woman named Margherita with whom Lubo has an affair."

Five Frames From ?

What movie is this?

Aaron's Great Big Whale of a Tail

If you hadn't had enough Aaron Taylor-Johnson (as if that phrase should even exist) a couple of weeks ago when his first Armani bits bust out (see here and here) then lucky you, we've got more. That photo above and a whole new video, specifically -- he swims with a whale! Or they make it look like he did convincingly, anyway.

Of course if there's video, I will make gifs. 
So hit the jump for the gifs...

Good Morning, World

The military action thriller called Land of Bad is out in theaters today -- now as you might know, "military action thrillers" aren't usually my cuppa. But when one stars Liam Hemsworth, Ricky Whittle, and Milo Ventimiglia, I make exceptions. Especially when the boys just couldn't stop sharing photos of themselves half naked and bro-ing out together on set -- see here and here. That tends to catch my attention. Anyway I'm not writing a proper review of this movie but I will tell you that it actually surprised me -- it's totally solid? I get a lot of emails about these kinds of movies and they almost always look cheap and generic but Land of Bad does not -- the action scenes feel big and thrilling and well-choreographed and staged and I was 100% wrapped up in the movie's drama? Much to my surprise. I really genuinely thought I was just watching it for the beefcake -- and sidenote Liam spends the entire last half an hour or so of this movie in only boxers and so it delivers on that front too. There miiiight be some problematic stuff going on with its politics, but I wasn't allowing myself to think too hard about the movie -- I just took the ride, and I enjoyed it, brain shut off. Here is the trailer if you wanna give it a further chance. 

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Off To Fuckboi

Okay well I'm going to go watch Dune 2 now, bye.

Anatomy of a Peeping Tom

Michael Powell's controversial 1960 masterpiece Peeping Tom is hitting the Criterion collection on May 14th of 2024  -- and in 4K no less! Of course I'd already snatched up a copy of Studio Canal's UK edition that came out a few weeks ago, but it's not like this isn't a movie I won't triple or quadruple dip on. It's one of the greatest movies ever made! And Criterion is bringing their own round of special features  for their disc, including (no surprise here) an intro by Martin Scorsese and an interview with Powell's wife slash Marty's editor Thelma Schoonmaker. This movie was too hard to see properly for far far far too long -- this is only right. Slide this sucker into the tippy top of the canon already!

Anyway yes indeed it's that time again -- our monthly Criterion Announcement Day! Today's news is for May and they're dropping an absolute banger of a global line-up, including two mini-sets from two  international masters: the two Floating Weeds films from Yasujiro Ozu (made two decades apart cuz that's how Ozu rolled) and a trilogy of movies from Senegalese auteur Ousmane Sembène; specifcally the movies Emitaï, Xala, and Ceddo, which were all made across the 1970s. 

But wait that's not it! We're also getting the great Karyn Kusama's 2000 lady-boxer masterpiece Girlfight on May 28th (which introduced the world to the stylings of Michi Rodriguez), as well as this year's big Oscar whodunit Anatomy of a Fall starring our queen Sandra Hüller as a bisexual writer whose husband ends up on the wrong side of a balcony. I admit I'm a little annoyed Anatomy isn't being released in 4K right off the bat -- I wanna see all of that beautiful Swiss mountain scenery looking its best! Not to mention that lawyer's beautiful hair!

Leo Woodall Five Times

Last week a reader sent me a message asking how many posts it takes for an actor to get a tag here on the site, and it was specifically in reference to our boy Leo Woodall here -- I answered what I usually answer with that question, i.e. that it takes several photoshoots and some buzz. But it didn't occur to me in that moment that we'd immediately be barraged with Leo photoshoots (see also yesterday's shoot) thanks to his One Day show on Netflix, and so -- ta-dah, I give you the post that earned Leo his own tag here on the site. These are for Interview Magazine, where they have him chatting with his White Lotus co-star Tom Hollander (you might remember Tom getting fucked by his "nephew" Leo on that show), and you can hit the jump for the lot...

Five Frames From ?

What movie is this?

Good Morning, Jake

Now this is a frustrating tease like no other -- Jake Gyllenhaal just posted video of a computer screen where they're scrolling through a bunch of freshly-shot photos of himself wearing a tank-top for GQ Korea -- rude! It's not even at a good angle where I could pause the video and swipe the images one by one. Triple rude! Oh well -- preview of coming attractions, I suppose. He shared a few more photos of computer screens -- these ones lovely but decidedly more dressed, you can see them after the jump...

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Femme Is Here To Feed You

If you've been waiting and waiting and waiting for Femme -- the queer thriller starring Nathan Stewart-Jarrett and George Mackay as a drag queen and the prick who gay-bashes him respectively, which I've been jabbering about excitedly ever since it was announced in May of 2022 -- then you've only got a wee little more to wait as we've finally got a U.S. release date! First it's dropping here in NYC on March 22nd, then in Los Angeles a week later, and you know et cetera et cetera from there. I saw this and reviewed it for Mashable at Fantasia Fest last year -- read my review right here -- and hey look I made it into the trailer...

We always love it when that happens! Makes me feel like a professional person. which, believe it or not, doesn't happen very often. Anyway I know some of us are tired of the cliche of gay men being attracted to their bashers (I know because I get comments on it every time I post about this movie) but I really do think Femme twists it into something interesting and ambiguous and dare I say hot. And hey listen, all I can say is I tend to see myself more in people making terrible choices on-screen. Maybe that's just me. Here's the trailer:

Feel free to gimme your thoughts in the comments...