Friday, February 17, 2017

Sick Boys

Are we all going to go see A Cure For Wellness this weekend? I plan to, although I haven't figured out just when as of yet. (PS this is a three-day weekend, so we'll be back on Tuesday.) I was not the biggest fan of what director Gore Verbinski did with The Ring (I'm one of those hipster snobs who prefers the original Japanese version) but I'm looking forward to Wellness all the same - I really dig the freaky stylish trailers for it; they remind me of the best bits of the 1999 House on Haunted Hill remake (which is so much better than it has any right being). Anyway did I really never see this photo-shoot of Dane DeHaan did for Interview Magazine in 2014? It's typical Steven Klein greasy whore stuff but the look works for Dane - it's maybe the best he's ever looked. Hit the jump for a couple more, and if you see A Cure For Wellness this weekend let me know what you thought in the comments...

I Am Link

--- Fashion Plate - Ryan Murphy has gotten his greedy gay hands onto Edgar Ramirez! Edgar is going to play Gianni Versace in the upcoming "Versace Murder" themed season of American Crime Story! My first thought was "Wow that's awfully nice to Gianni" but you know what I actually think he's pretty decent casting, looks-wise. Darren Criss has been cast as Andrew Cunanan, Versace's murderer, and I think that's about the same level too. Is this Edgar's first time playing gay? But of course everybody's just waiting to hear who'll play Donatella. (thx Mac)

--- And Speaking of Ryan Murphy I'm trying to avoid everything related to Feud at this point because it's only a couple of weeks away and I certainly don't need to be convinced any further (although if Susan Sarandon keeps yapping her goddamned filthy garbage opinions everywhere they might need to) but I couldn't help myself and watched the opening credits sequence that Nathaniel posted at The Film Experience and they are a delight.

--- Ladies Who Larceny - Casting on Steve McQueen's upcoming film Widows, based on the 80s British miniseries about three women whose husbands died doing a heist teaming up to finish the job, has been going strong and I keep forgetting to trumpet its coolness - he's had Viola Davis and Cynthia Erivo (she played Celie in the stage version of The Color Purple) for a few weeks, and just today he added Michelle Rodriguez as one of the leads. Oh and last week Elizabeth Debicki and Andre Holland also joined. That's some cast! Gillian Flynn, of Gone Girl fame, is writing the script with him.

--- The Disappearing Director -  I swear that I write a "Sam Raimi has signed on to direct a new movie!" post every couple of months and then nothing, nothing, nothing happens. Back in June there was "a tornado heist thriller," and in March there was a movie about the prospective future, and in January of last year he said he was going to remake A Prophet. But these things get announced and then... poof, nothing. So excuse me for taking today's news that he is making "a Bermuda Triangle movie" with a great big grain of salt. It does make me want to watch Christopher Smith's terribly underrated 2009 flick Triangle though.
--- Queer History - Different From the Others, a German film from 1919 that is considered the first properly gay movie ever made, has been making the rounds at festivals; I missed it when it played here in NYC in the fall and I still haven't caught up with it. Anyway there was a fine piece on it in The New Yorker for Valentine's Day, looking at the moment in time it was made compared to where we are today.

--- A Waters Deluge - On Monday I posted a link to a terrific interview with John Waters, thinking I'd struck gold, and then suddenly all week it was like non-stop golden showers -- he gave an amazing interview to Dazed right here, and he gave an amazing interview to AnOther right here, and he gave an amazing interview to The Stranger right here. Hell I think if I check my phone I might find out I interviewed him in my sleep last night. (Please sneak in my window any time you like, John Waters.)

--- The Beard's End - Part of me always thinks I'm going to find Justin Theroux irritating when I go to read an interview with him but then he usually turns out coming off fine and I remember oh right he's good friends with Amy Sedaris, of course he's fine. Anyway this interview with him at TimeOut about the last season of The Leftovers and other stuff is pretty good, as are the pictures. The first trailer for The Leftovers showed up today too, you can watch it right here. There aren't any swinging gray sweatpants to be seen though, so fuck them.

--- Sex Talk - Over at Vulture today Kyle Buchanan compares and contrasts the blunt force trauma sex scenes of  Fifty Shades Darker with the slow lingering eroticism of Luca Guadagnino's Call Me By Your Name and concludes that American Directors are nothing but thumbs when it comes to cinematic schtupping. Having not seen CMBYN yet (and hating the world because of that) I can't say as to the specifics but I will agree that all of the legitimately sexy movies I have seen in recent years - Neon Bull and Stranger by the Lake come immediately to mind - have indeed been foreign films. Can you guys name an actually sexy sex scene in an American film lately?

Happy Birthday, Daniel Grao

Pedro Almodovar's latest hunk of man actor Daniel Grao, who scorched up Julieta just plenty, is turning 41 today, and so here are a couple of gifs from videos he has posted on Instagram of himself working out in dangerously short shorts. The ball's in your court, Miguel Angel Silvestre.

Today's Mood


Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Rupert: I abhor humanity, I wish it was swept away. 
It could go, and there would be no loss 
if every human being perished tomorrow. 
Ursula: So you want everybody in the world destroyed? 
Rupert: Yes, absolutely. Don't you yourself think it's a 
wonderful, clear idea? A world empty of people... 
just uninterrupted grass and a rabbit sitting there? 
Ursula: You don't seem to see much love in humanity. 
What about individual love? 
Rupert: I don't believe in love any more than I believe 
in hate or grief. Love is an emotion. You feel or don't feel, 
according to your circumstances. 
Ursula: If you don't believe in love, what do you believe in? 
Just in the end of the world and rabbits? 
Rupert: The point about L-O-V-E is that we hate the word, 
because we've vulgarised it. lt should be taboo, 
forbidden from utterance for many years... 
til we've found a new and better idea. 

Well we started off this week by wishing Oliver Reed a happy birthday with the wrestling scene from this film so we'd better take on his sparring partner Alan Bates here at the tail end for his birthday, lest Alan judge our love from the great beyond as anything less than. It's a draw, you two!

The great and galloping (and gay gay gay) Mr. Bates was born on this day in 1934 -- do peruse our archives for him-based goodies, especially that time we fell for him in Georgy Girl. Or that time he molested a bunch of plants. Or this one. Oh god how do we even choose, we adore him so...


... they made an Ashy Slashy puppet.

Boyd Holbrook Seven Times

Are any of you seeing Logan? I haven't made up my mind yet. I'd fairly over the character of Wolverine at this point (I might even kind of be over Hugh Jackman too?) - I feel as if they keep tricking me into watching the same dumb movie over and over again. But Boyd! Boyd is tempting!

Anyway there's a chance, since these shots are from several different sources, that I have posted one or more of these pictures of Boyd before (perhaps the gigantic gratuitous post devoted to him from way back), but nobody cares - Hit the jump for the rest...

Today's Fanboy Delusion

Today I'd rather be...

... getting my mambo on with
Michael Fassbender & Ryan Gosling.

The first trailer for Terrence Malick's Song to Song (aka the movie that will forever be known as the movie where Michael was spotted giving Ryan a back-rub on set) has arrived and even though I haven't liked a Malick movie in quite some time I am totally in the can for this one... but then I was thanks to its cast from the start. 

It also stars Rooney Mara and Natalie Portman 
and it's about the Austin music scene 
and it's out on March 17th. Watch!
I know I personally am obsessed with Michael Fassbender's crotch, but this trailer really seems obsessed with Michael Fassbender's crotch too? Although like I said that's how I see the world, so I could maybe be projecting. Am I nuts? But either way...

... Natalie Portman is a tiny woman and thinking about her 
and Fassbender having sex makes me uncomfortable

Five Frames From ?


What movie is this?

Which is Hotter?

We posted the trailer for The Ottoman Lieutenant earlier this week (see it here) and we've posted several pictures from the film before (see them here) but with the film's release looming new images are making themselves available and that one above (via the film's Instagram account) finally begs the overdue query...
And here are a couple more of pictures of Michiel
rocking the fuck out of his uniform...

Good Morning, Gratuitous Eddie Peng

Well this is the second time this week (after Wednesday's love-fest for German actor Clemens Schick) that I've begun what was meant to be a brief post highlighting some dude only to end up with hundreds and hundreds of beefcakey pics suddenly at my disposal - and lord knows I can never say no when such things are at my disposal. Anyway say hello to Taiwanese-Canadian actor Eddie Peng

When I saw that Zhang Yimou's controversially cast film The Great Wall was coming out this weekend I knew it would behoove us to sneak ourselves in around its big white leading man and find us an actual Asian actor to ogle, and there was Eddie. Rarin' to go. I already had a great big folder of him waiting for such a moment -- he'd caught my eye thanks to 2013's boxing flick Unbeatable (of which there are many pictures below).

Anyway he appears to be a pretty big star in China, having risen up from TV - supposedly all out of nowhere, too. He was a business major in college in Canada when he had to go back to Taiwan for his grandmother's funeral, where he was "discovered"...

... and by the way those aren't my quotation marks around "discovered" - his IMDB biography puts the word "discovered" in quotation marks for some reason, which really makes me question the veracity of this account. Possibly sex was involved?

I can't figure out what the gay role was that Eddie played but he has played gay in his career (you'll see a few pictures of that below too) which always surprises me - I still don't really understand what the status of homosexuality in Chinese culture is; anybody that wants to set me straight (so to speak) in the comments have at it. Until then let us hit the jump for 150-ish more pictures...

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Thursday's Ways Not To Die


I don't know if you guys can tell...

... but this movie was released in 3D. House of Wax with Vincent Price had come out the year before and been a big smash and so Warner Brothers (alongside all of the studios) put itself into the 3D business -- many critics noted the similarities between Rue & Wax and that was clearly not a mistake. Studios will never change. 

Anyway despite a charming performance from Karl Malden as a baffled detective this movie's kind of forgettable save a couple of scenes, including the monkey-suited ending and this scene detailed above - I adore the shot of the red paint splashing and of the person-shaped hole in the skylight for pure goofy Looney Tunes reasons, and actress Allyn Ann McLerie sells the hell out her predicament. McLerie (who is still alive, says IMDb) had a long career as a character actress with most of her work coming in the 1970s and 80s; she was Red Buttons' dancing partner in They Shoot Horses Don't They?, the one who's convinced she's covered in bugs!

Also of note about this movie is this fun factoid from TCM's write-up of the movie:

"Phantom of the Rue Morgue was one of the last feature films in which Charles Gemora, the famous "Gorilla Man," donned his suit for the cameras. Gemora had designed suits and played gorillas in films dating back to 1928 and had played Erik the Gorilla in Murders in the Rue Morgue. By 1954 Gemora had cut back on performing and the majority of the strenuous gorilla scenes in Phantom of the Rue Morgue were done by stuntmen under Gemora's direction. Gemora made many refinements to his gorilla suit over the years, and the 1954 film featured the most expressive simian yet developed, with many innovative design touches, such as a belly appliance made of a water-filled rubber pouch that would realistically sway when in motion."

Gorilla Men make the world go round.

 Hit the jump for links to all the Previous Ways Not To Die