Friday, November 17, 2017

Hedlund Into the Weekend Like What

Lest anyone forget that impossibly fucking handsome movie star Garrett Hedlund has a movie out this weekend,  impossibly fucking handsome movie star Garrett Hedlund has a movie out this weekend too -- Mudbound, the drama about one white family and one black family working the same plot of land after in the late 1940s from director Dee Rees, is now out in theaters and right there at home on your Netflix box too! 

I saw Mudbound at NYFF but never reviewed it (I did post some pictures of Garett at the Q&A though) -- that was basically because I sided about 100% with our pal Murtada had to say on the movie at The Film Experience. Just go read what he said, is what I am saying. I actually thought Hedlund was the best thing in the movie myself, which might surprise some of you who haven't been paying attention but I maintain for all his astonishing prettiness he's also a really very talented actor. Anyway watch Mudbound and tell me what you thought and after the jump I'll share several more shots of this impossibly fucking handsome movie star Garett Hedlund...

I Am Link

--- Stranger Than Non Fiction - Note to new actors on how not to talk in an interview: do not jibber jabber a bunch about the social media analytics for your Instagram posts, please. I say this with love, Stranger Things recent gratuity recipient Dacre Montgomery, but your interview with Nylon magazine is kind of excruciating for this. And hey listen I am the world's worst conversationalist so I get it - if somebody shoved a microphone in front of me and asked me to be witty I'd literally dissolve into a puddle of piss right in front of them. Just don't next time. Anyway you look great! 

--- What Was Up Doc - I am really really really very angry at myself for sleeping on the DOC NYC documentary film festival that just concluded here in New York yesterday - I kept meaning to dig through the schedule and it kept getting set aside. In my defense they show SO MANY MOVIES, I was overwhelmed. Anyway I keep hearing titles they screened and getting angrier at myself and this is no exception - I guess they screened the Scott Bowers doc (Bowers wrote a beyond juicy queer tell-all a couple years back about Old Hollywood Gay Stuff that boggles the mind); you can read a review right here. The movie did just get picked up and will be released in April so at least there's that.

--- Sacred Cows - While I think this piece at Film School Rejects is wrong-headed in the negative way it spins its take on the acting of Yorgos Lanthimos' movies I also think it's a pretty interesting introduction of just what is going on with the acting style at the same time. I just don't see it as ultimately empty an experience as the writer does? And I think they're kind of wrong when they say The Killing of a Sacred Deer doesn't function as class commentary.

--- Who You Calling Crazy - There's like next to no details on what the heck it's about but Deadline reported earlier this week that Steven Soderbergh has a thriller called Unsane that he shot on his iPhone coming in March. What we have is this: it stars Claire Foy and Juno Temple (oh plus Blair Witc's Josh Leonard!)  and it "centers on a young woman (Foy) who is involuntarily committed to a mental institution where she is confronted by her greatest fear — but is it real or is it a product of her delusion?" So basically every movie starring women in an asylum ever. But it's Soderbergh, so I'm there.

--- Wander This Way - Reading the description of Toni Collette's new TV show I got a little worried for a second, thinking back through all her previous bad TV efforts and also having flashbacks to Naomi Watts' recent Netflix flop Gypsy - Toni's show is called Wanderlust and it's about a therapist who begins assessing her own marriage through the lens of her clients." But then I saw that the show is written by the playwright Nick Payne, aka the dud that put Jake Gyllenhaal, Morgan Spector and Charlie Cox on stages in front of me in the past couple of years (Jake in Constellations and Charlie + Morgan in Incognito) and suddenly I'm more inclined towards optimism. Which is great because Toni deserves way better than what she's been getting.

--- Be My Michael Tonight - There's an interview with Danny Mcbride over at Yahoo! (and if you were a fan of Halt and Catch Fire I sure hope you can't help but read "Yahoo!" without hearing it in Kerry Bishe's voice cuz me neither!) where he talks a bunch about his script with director David Gordon Green for the new Halloween movie... or at least he talks about it without being specific; we really still have no idea where they're going with this besides it's ignoring everything except the first movie. Anyway I am glad he says there are no jokes, it's straight horror, because I was worried given these two goofballs. Lovable and talented goofballs, but goofballs nonetheless. (thx Mac)

--- Divorce Baumbach Style - Noah Baumbach is lining up his next movie and hoo boy can he get himself a cast in 2017 -- the movie will star Adam Driver, Scarlett Johansson, and drumroll please the goddess and legend Laura "Laura Fucking Dern" Dern. I am actually kind of surprised that Dern hasn't worked with Noah before, they seem like a perfect fit, they just click right into place in one's mind upon hearing their names together. Anyway all we know is the movie's about "divorce" and films in the spring. Maybe I can stalk the set!

--- And Finally knowing what I do about the wonderful folks who read this here blog I figure you've already seen the news that the ever incredible Film Society of Lincoln Center is doing an astonishing series on "Melodrama" here at the end of the year - they're screening over 60 movies through December and early January, stuff from Sirk to Fassbinder to Wong Kar-wai to Almodovar to on and on and on. I plan on spending half my holidays cooped up in there!
Anyway related to Brief Encounter, aka one of my favorite movies of all time, if you're not in NYC but rather in London there is a stage reading of actress Celia Johnson's letters by her daughter that is happening later this month and it sounds absolutely fascinating; you can read about it here, with a ton of insight into Johnson's approach to Brief Encounter specifically. (thanks Mac)

Do Dump or Marry: And Justice For All

Justice League is out in theaters, and I pray for both the souls and asses of all of you who are actually going to go sit through it. Not me! There's a Michael Haneke retrospective at Film Forum and Call Me By Your Name at MoMA in my immediate future! Anyway good luck with that. But since it's The Movie Of The Weekend I figure it's a good time for this, which I've been putting off until now -- let's pretend like Henry Cavill doesn't exist (not easy) and  let's pretend like Ben Affleck doesn't exist (the exact opposite of not easy)...

... and "Do Dump or Marry" the other three men-folk in this here spandex legion. That'd be Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Ezra Miller as The Flash, and Ray Fisher as Cyborg. Give us your answers in the comments, please! Wonder Woman approves!

Quote of the Day

Did I mention Call me By Your Name is out in a week? Oh I already did that today? Hmm fascinating. Well I just saw these two pictures of Armie in GQ that weren't included in that first batch I shared, so I had to share them. And I just saw this interview with Timothee in the LA Times that you should read. And I just read a chat with Timmy & Armie in the New York Times, which you also should read. But regarding the latter I have to share the final bit for will-be-clear-in-a-second reasons...

Mr. Hammer recalled another surprising reaction. “Someone mentioned to me: ‘Timothée has to put his hand on your crotch in the movie. How did that feel?’ And I was like, do you ask every woman in a movie how it is to have her ass slapped, or her boobs fondled? It’s that double standard kind of thing.” Mr. Chalamet interjected, “I’ve been very encouraged by the nature of the conversations that I’ve had, and by the lack of questions that are tunnel-visioned in their understanding of sexuality and life and love.” Mr. Hammer said, “Because the reality is, Timmy grabs my crotch all the time.”

5 Off My Head: Scorsese Dames

Top five working director Martin Scorsese is turning 75 today. He's been making movies for almost sixty of those years, as long as you count the shorts - he's at work now on The Irishman, which reunites him with his merry band of usual suspects including most excitingly an out-of-retirement Joe Pesci.

Anyway as excited as I am for The Irishman  I'm kind of sad he's still not paying much attention to actresses (I'm thrilled to see what he gets from Anna Paquin, but it looks like she's just about the only woman with a substantial role in it) so here to celebrate his birthday is a random list of five of my favorite performances from women in his movies. I have a list much much longer (some of them that I love even more than these five, even) but these were literally the first five that popped into my head and I liked the way they looked together.

5 of my Favorite Female Scorsese Performances

Michelle Pfeiffer as Ellen in The Age of Innocence
"Is New York such a labyrinth? I thought it was all straight up and down like Fifth Avenue. All the cross streets numbered and big honest labels on everything."

Juliette Lewis as Danielle in Cape Fear
"If you hold on to the past, you die a little each day..."

Teri Garr as Julie in After Hours
"Hey Paul, do you like my hairdo?"

Sandra Bernhard as Masha in The King of Comedy
"Do you wanna be waiting here till next Shavuos?"

Jodie Foster as Iris in Taxi Driver
"I think that... that Cancers make the best lovers."

Like I said there are a whole bunch more I could've named
so please share your own faves in the comments...

Michiel Huisman One Time

Michiel Huisman says his ten-year-old daughter took this picture of him. Can she start her own Instagram that's nothing but pictures of her father then? BAM an instant million followers, little Hazel Huisman. I see a future for you! 

Chin Up, Awards Agnostics

Right around this time every year I see the next several months - we now have 107 days until the Oscars happen on March 4th - stretching endlessly before me, with the same conversations about the same movies already played the hell out at this point, and then the shitty things start winning awards (god I dread Dunkirk)... and friends, I do get a little bit glum. 

So take a little relief in the fact that we're going to be seeing those two up top on all the red carpets, giggling and sharing knowing glances, for the next 107 days, much like their beloved forebears...

... hey, we take what we can get.
Anyway, in related news...

... Call Me By Your Name is out in one week! ONE WEEK!!! There's a new interview with Luca Guadagnino over at Vulture that's well worth your time... if you care. That is to say I know some of you are tired, oh so tired, of my constant prattling on about this movie, so I'm going to take the passage that I really want to share from this interview after the jump (also because it's spoilery, about sex stuff) so hit it if you want it...

Five Frames From ?


What movie is this?

Good Morning, World

Much like the opportunity to see Russell Tovey's bum wiggle on the big screen turned the National Theater Live broadcast of Angels in America into a Must Watch Homosexual Event (I mean sure sure there was all that world-class playwriting and acting surrounding it too, which didn't hurt) the upcoming screening of the recent UK production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof starring Jack O'Connell's Full Frontal Shower Scene...

... is shaping up to be Early 2018's get out and grab at it theatrical experience. I don't know about you but I plan on bringing a pair of old 3D glasses to the theater with me just in case! Anyway these gifs are from a trailer they released at Playbill -- go watch it over there. Tickets are on sale now. You can see some previous pictures we posted right here.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Darko Knight

Although I'm too lazy to look it up I am pretty sure I remember Jake Gyllenhaal saying something in a recent interview about how he's glad he didn't end up playing any of the superhero roles he almost played (he was supposedly really close to taking over Spider-man from Tobey Maguire at one point) but perhaps he might be convinced otherwise for a certain caped crusader...

"Ben Affleck out, Jake Gyllenhaal in? That’s the latest allegation from John Campea, who claims the current Caped Crusader will be relieved of his crimefighting duties soon after the launch of Justice League. His successor? Jake Gyllenhaal, who has allegedly been shortlisted to headline The Batman – and, by effect, a whole new trilogy – under the stewardship of Matt Reeves."

It really is just a rumor and it seems to come from a single source at that, but Matt Reeves is a good director, and anything that takes work away from Ben Affleck I am down for. That said... a whole new Batman trilogy? Jesus Christ I am tired. Anyway what do you guys think of the Gyllen-bat?

Oscar Isaac Six Times

Yeah that about sums it up, Oscar Isaac.
Hit the jump for five more pictures...

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Frank (2014)
JoJon: He said I was cherishable,
and he picked me to join the band.
Clara: You are fingers being told which keys to push.
Jon: I push my own keys...
Clara: Ten little bits of bone and skin.
Jon: And I'm perfectly capable of going to
my furthest corners and composing music.
Clara: Your furthest corners?
Jon: My furthest corners.
Clara: Someone needs to punch you in the face.

God I love Frank. And I love Maggie Gyllenhaal in Frank.
A happy 40th birthday to Maggie Gyllenhaal today!
I have to catch up on The Deuce already. Anybody watch it?

Supes On

I have less than zero percent interest in seeing Justice League, even with Wonder Woman wowing earlier this year and even with Joss Whedon  coming in and tackling the thing after Zack Snyder had to leave -- this is one of those instances where I choose to believe the critics who've seen it and called it a monstrosity. But I do wish these critics had mentioned Henry Cavill's got a half-naked five-minute long fight scene in the thing! It makes me doubt their intentions! 

Anyway I know this is technically a huge spoiler but they haven't exactly kept it a secret that Superman is back, what with him being all over the promotional art-work and Henry Cavill going to every premiere, so fuck that spoiler nonsense. There's a lo-fi video of the sequence online over at Reddit (thanks Henry!) -- or just hit the jump for a couple more lo-fi gifs that I made from it...

Five Frames From ?


What movie is this?

Good Morning, Gratuitous Ty Hardin

Today is the 89th birthday of the 50s/60s cowboy actor (not to mention the dad from the second and supremely homosexual Nightmare on Elm Street movie) Clu Gulager. But while we do wish Clu a happy birthday (he is still alive) we are not actually posting about Clu right now. 

No, Paul Newman knows who we're posting about. We're posting about 50s/60s cowboy actor Ty Hardin, who came up in a search when I was looking up Clu this morning. And it actually turns out that Ty died back on August 3rd this year, and we missed that news.
I have had a folder of Ty pictures on my computer hard-drive for several years now that I have been meaning to post but never gotten around to. Why not today? 

Indeed, why not anything. It's funny, scanning through Ty's IMDB page, how many characters called "sheriff" he played - he just had that face. Dopey and decent. He didn't work much post-1980 so there's not much I can point to that y'all are gonna know, though. 

He did a lot of Ye Olde Teevee Programs, and of course he was The Hunk opposite Joan Crawford in the camp tragedy called Berserk (pictured up above) which might (sadly) stand as his best remembered role, although...

... I think we ought to remember the time he went all bleach blond 
and bearded for a movie called PT 109 myself. 

Anyway if you know anything worth telling of Ty 
feel free to share in the comments, but until then let us 
hit the jump for a few dozen more pictures...