Friday, May 25, 2018

Dougie Fresh Meets Frankenstein

I know I said my goodbyes for the four-day weekend yesterday but I have one more thing to share - my review of Mary Shelley, the bio-pic of the Frankenstein author starring Elle Fanning and Douglas Booth here as her saucy poet husband Percy, went up at The Film Experience this afternoon and you can read it right here. The film is out in theaters today but I saw it several weeks back at the Tribeca Film Festival - unless I'm randomly inspired (which is always a possibility given my haywire brain) this will probably be my final review from this year's fest and so next week I'll try to do a round-up where you can see everything I reviewed this year. For now though go read that one, and then come back and hit the jump for a few fresh pictures of Dougie to keep you company over the holiday...

Thursday, May 24, 2018

When They Go Solo We Go So High

I'm not hip enough to get invites to press screenings of the big blockbuster movies (yet) so I'll be seeing Solo in the theaters with the rest of you normals this weekend - you'd think that Alden Ehrenreich's people would've gotten in touch given the seven years of free publicity I've been bestowing upon him, but per usual I'm just jerking off in the breeze! They forget us so quickly. Sigh.

Anyway (besides a quick post going up tomorrow) I am off now until Tuesday -- y'all can use this post's comments to 1) tell me what you thought of Solo, or 2) how about even better to "Do Dump or Marry" Alden along with his co-stars Donald Glover and Paul Bettany...?

Sure, why not, let's...

Great Moments In Movie Staches

I'd say that Denzel Washington spends a full thirty percent of the 1995 noir Devil in a Blue Dress in just his undershirt, sometimes with suspenders, doing yard work - while this might not make for the most fascinating of noir mystery scenes...

... it sure is nice to look at. Add on top he's rocking that sharp little Noir Stache there for one hundred percent of the run-time and this movie remains desperately under-valued to this day. What a crime!

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Clayton: The monster's lonely. He wants a friend.
A girlfriend. Somebody. What's so sick about that?

This post is for me, and not just for me to look at Brendan Fraser in this movie - this post is a reminder for me to watch G&M over my long holiday weekend (starting tomorrow we're off until Tuesday, by the way) because a re-watch has been burning us up at the back of my brain but I keep forgetting. And it's a good weekend to watch it, what with the Mary Shelley movie now out in theaters...

(Sidenote: My review of that will be up tomorrow, I'll link over when it is.) This is a big weekend for Elle Fanning Fans though - not only is Mary Shelley out but so is John Cameron Mitchell's new film How To Talk To Girls At Parties starring Elle and Nicole Kidman - we reviewed that last week, read our thoughts right here. Quick gist: I had a lot of fun with it but your mileage may vary depending upon your mood; it is very silly. In a good way though!

Skarsgård Rock

There are two important takeaways from Flaunt magazine's new cover story about Pennywise Junior aka Bill Skarsgard. The first one is in the second paragraph upon meeting Bill the writer describes him as "a figure from an Egon Schiele painting come to life" and that is so incredibly on point a description (see a good example here) that I can't believe I've never had that thought before, given Schiele has long been one of my favorite painters. Good work, writer. 

The second takeaway from the piece is we find out that Castle Rock, the upcoming Stephen King anthology show Bill's a part of, is dropping on Hulu in July (specifically the 25th) - I was just whinging about wanting the show on Twitter a few weeks ago, so this plugs that hole, for now. Besides Bill Castle Rock stars Melanie Lynskey and Sissy Spacek and just a damn fine roster of actors, and we're very much looking forward to it. Anyway those two things noted now's the time to stare at this sexy Schiele panting come to life, so hit the jump for the rest of the photos...

Steven Yeun Six Times

Yeah yeah we just posted a bunch of pictures of Steven less than a week ago - what of it? Let us enjoy our 2018 Cannes Boyfriend a little bit more, especially while doing his best James Dean posturing, yum. This shoot is for GQ Korea - his movie Burning, which got raves out of Cannes, opened in South Korea the day after premiering in France. No word on when we'll see it but one supposes it'll be this year, at least here in New York, the only place that matters. And you may now hit the jump for five more pictures...

Thursday's Ways Not To Die


Elizabeth (1998)

The tale of the poisoned dress as told in Shekhar Kapur's 1998 film (which is turning 20 in October) is fiction -- Queen Elizabeth was of course wary of being poisoned and myths about poisoned cloaks and items of clothing date all the way back to Ancient Greece - hello, Medea! - but historians seem to agree that none of the Queen's maids were murdered in this fashion. How dare you lie to me, Kelly Macdonald!

Anyway you can understand why the myth was plopped into this script though - that the men angling to destroy the would-be queen would weaponize her very femininity like that. Being a woman will be the death of you, et cetera et cetera. Hence how "masculine" Cate looks in the final scene, once dresses aren't even safe. Oh and if there's one thing I have learned thanks to two decades of storytelling it is just this: fucking Joseph Fiennes is a seriously dangerous business.

One of my favorite random movie sites called "Recycled Movie Costumes" says that this dress was created for this movie and several were probably made since it ends up, you know, so bloodied and all, but those extra dresses have been making the rounds in different projects ever since, several of which they have photos from (including the shot of Natalie Dormer on The Tudors seen below) - I find the idea of "the poisoned dress" being passed around through Hollywood unknowingly like this so funny. You're all gonna die!

Hit the jump for links to the Previous Ways Not To Die

Five Frames From ?


What movie is this?

Jake, Riz, On the Range

I'm actually surprised we're getting promotional materials for Jacques Audiard's film The Sisters Brothers already - it was only a little over a year ago that the project was announced but I guess that's normal turn-around? I think my brain has been spoiled by film-makers who take several years for projects to come together - this Jacques Audiard fellow seems like a professional! Good for him. Anyway yes as you see above Sisters reunites Nightcrawler stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Riz Ahmed in a western and that is really all I have to say, probably. Okay how about this, it also stars...

... John C. Reilly and Joaquin Phoenix. And not pictured - Rutger Hauer and Carol Kane! That's some cast, pig. And I love hos in the trailer (yes there's a trailer, we're getting to that - Jake doesn't even show up until the halfway point. They're like - what you thought this cast was stacked before? Wham. Gyllenhaal!

I was surprised by how hard seeing Jake as a cowboy type on the range was still going to give me Brokeback feelings but there they are. Aww. Him and Riz sharing a pup tent is giving me LOTS OF FEELINGS. Here's the trailer:

The movie doesn't have a definite release date yet 
but it should be this fall. You can hit the jump for 
some gifs I made from the trailer now if you like...

Good Morning, World

A happy 40th birthday to Bryan Greenberg today - this shot is off his Instagram a couple of months ago but if you look at his more recent pictures you'll find he has a wonderfully luxurious ginger beard right now. What better way to celebrate forty than by committing to the Viking look unabashedly, I say? I hope his friends put "You're Going to Pillage the Hell Out of Your 40s!" on his cake.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Pics of the Day

According to JJ (where these pictures are from) they've just now finished shooting Triple Frontier, the movie gift that has kept giving pictures of Charlie Hunnam & Garrett Hedlund & Oscar Isaac & Pedro Pascal (oh and also Ben Affleck's unfortunate tattoo) half-naked in Hawaii. Click here to see our many, many posts! But the dude on the right up top is certainly not Pedro, as he's labeled over there - any idea who it is? - so maybe JJ is wrong about everything and they'll just go on shooting Triple Frontier forever and ever. That's my hope anyway, but I doubt you disagree. (They could at least get a little more naked if this is their last day, anyway.)

This Is Your Quasimodo Now

Oh my god, he's hideous! Look away look away! Children spill into the streets in fright and old men's hearts go tick tick boom from the unadulterated horror of this nightmare turned flesh, et cetera, et cetera. Or not, but I guess they're gonna try - Idris Elba has just signed on to direct and yes indeed star in a "modern retelling" of Victor Hugo's The Hunchback of Notre Dame for Netflix. I imagine there will be make-up involved in this process, but this is still an awful lot to burden make-up with - the most famous versions of this story starred Lon Chaney Sr. and Charles Laughton...

... neither of whom were really ever setting hearts a'flutter in the first place. But hey - stretch those (acting) muscles, Idris, by all means. This will mark Idris' second stab at directing - his film Yardie played at Sundance earlier this year.

Unhinge Your Claws

The trailer for the second season of my beloved Claws is here and I'm real excited of course but the above is one of the few glimpses we get of my boyfriend Roller (Jack Kesy forever) in the whole trailer and suddenly I can't for the life of me remember how the first season ended and where we left him?

There were so many fake-outs and plot turns that my memory's foggy. Oh well I have the first season on DVD so I guess I'll just have to re-watch the whole damned delightful thing! What fun! Anyway joining the show for the second season is the incredible Franke "Run Lola Run" Potente of all people, and looking like...

This show is a damn marvel. Watch:
Claws is back on June 10th on TNT. 
May it live long and prosper muchly.

Say Hi To Big Ben

We have our Ben! Kiwi actor Jay Ryan - who's been on a ton of TV shows over the past two decades (his first two roles were on Young Hercules and Xena!) but most recently has been seen on Top of the Lake and Mary Kills People - has just signed on to play the character of grown-up "Ben Hanscom" in the second It movie. 

We had been hoping that Jerry O'Connell, who went and got all shredded after famously playing the "chubby kid" in another Stephen King adaptation called Stand By Me, might land the role because that would've been fun (and I would've been able to title this post "Ben and Jerry") but that was not to be. Oh well, I don't hold it against Jay Ryan here though, because...

... I'm too busy wanting to hold other things against him. Ahem. Anyway all of the kids in the "Losers Club" have now been cast except for "Mike Hanlon." I wonder what's taking them so long to cast Mike? You got something better to do, David Oyelowo? In summation here is another gif of Jay Ryan without his shirt on: