Friday, March 01, 2024

How You Dune, Part Two

It's a good weekend for new movies as two excellent ones are dropping -- there's Dune: Part Two of course, which is the biggie. And I am sure most if not all of you will have an opinion on that one so please share once you've watched. I wrote some scattered off-the-cuff thoughts of my own over here a couple of days ago. And yes I'm throwing Austin a bone -- so to speak -- by using his image over Timmy's on this post, since I didn't really love what he does in Dune. Keep at it, Austin! One day you'll be a successful actor!) Please realize that I am making fun of myself in that previous statement, and set aside your scorn. I think most people disagree with me. or will. Per usual. But the movie's great overall and I very much want to see it again as soon as I can (preferably if I can snag IMAX 70mm tickets, but I'm afraid to even check how far in advance they are sold out for). 

The other excellent movie out this weekend is Julio Torres' art comedy Problemista starring Tilda Swinton and himself as a painter-slash-maniac and her new assistant -- I posted the trailer for this way back in July when it was going to come out back then, so watch it here if you haven't already. Or just go see the movie, which I totally adored when I saw it at NewFest last summer. You know TIlda's 2008 thriller Julia? This is kind of that but as a comedy. They remind me of each other for some weird reason. Maybe it's just that Tilda is fucking brilliant in them both, I don't know. Anyway that's that, I am done for the week. Have a fine weekend! Perfectly, adequately fine!

Josh Segarra Nine Times

This has been an especially dull-witted week for yours truly, my apologies -- I just haven't had much juice in the tank for cleverness. (As I admitted earlier on Twitter earlier I have spent most of the week's energy going through my things and listing a bunch of stuff to sell on eBay so if you want to own a genuine piece of Me Memorablia, click here.) But perhaps your loss can also be your gain because as I sat here now just staring at the wall and desperately willing this day to please end already a random image of The Other Two and Scream actor Josh Segarra popped into my head, which one thing unto another led me to this never-posted-here photoshoot of Josh for Numero Netherlands magazine last June. And Josh always brings a smile to our face, so this was a nice way to waste a few minutes. Hit the jump for the entire shoot... 

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

The Worst Person in the World (2021)

Aksel: Sometimes I listen to music I haven't heard before. But... It's old as well. Music I didn't know about, but from when I grew up. It felt as though I'd already given up. I grew up in an age without Internet and mobile phones. I sound like an old fart. But I think about it a lot. The world that I knew... has disappeared. For me it was all about going to stores. Record stores. I'd take the tram to Voices in Grünerløkka. Leaf through used comics at Pretty Price. I can close my eyes and see the aisles at Video Nova in Majorstua. I grew up in a time when culture was passed along through objects. They were interesting because... we could live among them. We could pick them up. Hold them in our hands. Compare them. 
Julie: A bit like books?
Aksel: Yeah, a bit like books. That's all I have. I spent my life doing that. Collecting all that stuff, comics, books... And I just continued, even when it stopped giving me the powerful emotions I felt in my early 20s. I continued anyway. And now it's all I have left. Knowledge and memories of stupid, futile things nobody cares about.

Happy 50 to hot director Joachim Trier today!

Scott, Scott on the Range

We do not get nearly enough Scott Speedman news -- when was the last time I saw him, David Cronenberg's Crimes of the Future? -- so I jumped on this when it got announced yesterday: him and The Handmaid's Tale's stellar Yvonne Stravinski are set to lead a new horror series from producer James Wan! It's called Teacup and it's based on the book Stinger by Robert McCammon and here is how it is decribed:

"The series follows a disparate group of people on a ranch who must come together in the face of a mysterious threat."

Wow, so wildly specific! Also working on the show (I think as the showrunner or head-writer at least although Deadline isn't super clear) is Yellowstone writer Ian McCulloch, so from that fact and that vague description I am guessing this is just Yellowstone with monsters. Which, sure, give me Scott Speedman as a dirty ranchhand in tight jeans and/or chaps fighting monsters, I'll happily watch that. (I'll add that a cursory look at the book's Amazon description offers a lot more info -- think giant space bugs.)

Five Frames From ?

What movie is this?

Good Morning, World

I'm actually extremely happy this morning to've been way late to posting the photos of Alan Ritchson for Men's Health that dropped several days ago, because I have got a killer headache this morning and wasn't looking forward to scrounging something up. Voila I remembered, I had something gathering dust. That said, although Alan Ritchson has a whole lot of nooks and crannies where dust could settle -- far more than most humans given the three-dimensional swell of each individual muscle of his body -- I don't think he gathers much dust. This is a man who keeps moving. Do any of you people watch Reacher? I do not. Please do tell me whether that's a mistake or not in the comments. And he doesn't have a tag yet (I haven't ever actually seen him act in anything except his teeny role in that one Hunger Games movie!) but you can see our previous Alan Ritchson posts here

Thursday, February 29, 2024

What's In The Box, Dakota

Dakota Fanning just turned 30 last week and it looks like it might be an important year for her professionally -- she is of course co-starring opposite Andrew Scott in the series Ripley (yes in the Gywneth role) that's out on Netflix on April 3rd. But yesterday some more cool news broke -- she's leading the new horror movie from Bryan Bertino, director of The Strangers and The Dark and the Wicked! (The Dark and the Wicked is so underrated.) The movie is called Vicious (excellent title, shocked it hasn't been a horror movie before) and here is how it is described (it sounds a lot like Richard Kelly's The Box to me):

"The plot follows a young woman who must spend the night fighting for her existence as she slips down a disturbing rabbit hole contained inside a mysterious gift from a late-night visitor."

Today's Fanboy Delusion

Today I'd rather be...

... going into beast mode with Austin Nichols.

Well this is one way to grab our attention, Austin! I feel like I haven't seen him in anything in a bit -- since I didn't watch Minx or Ray Donovan the last time was probably The Walking Dead and hoo boy that was awhile ago -- but he does pop up on Insta every so often, and today was one of them times, and... hoo boy, was it. Hit the jump for the video (although I had to mute the music in the video because Austin went and used Beyonce over it which yeah YouTube was having none of) and a fine selection of sweaty gifs...

Charles Melton Five Times

Yes I posted some Charles Melton photos yesterday -- what of it? The May December beauty didn't get his deserved Oscar nomination so we'll give him the next best thing, i.e. lots of horned-up attention. These brand new photos (unlike yesterday's, which were a vintage of a whole four years old) are from WSJ (via) -- you do wonder if they photographed him thinking they were getting an Oscar nominee, given their drop right here in the middle of that moment. It wasn't just Charles who was cheated, but the poor Wall Street Journal! Won't someone think of the poor Wall Street Journal, for god's sake? Eesh don't mind me I am in a really weird mood today. Hit the jump for the photos....

Five Frames From ?

What movie is this?

Good Morning, World

A happy 40 today to the lovely and talented French actor Arnaud Valois, who I first saw in the modern gay classic B.P.M. in 2017 and who I last saw in the not-so-classic but still very gay grief-comedy Good Grief from Dan Levy (I reviewed the latter right here). Arnaud was fine in that, he wasn't the film's issue, except that his role was weirdly written and kind of insubstantial. But it was good to see him, and good-er still to pretend I was the one who he was sneaking into a Parisian museum after hours. Anyway... 

... Arnaud is indeed a "leapling" meaning he was born on February 29th, a day which only exists once every four years -- does anyone actually know somebody born on February 29th? I've always wondered how they celebrate the other three years out of the four. I mean obviously not enough to google it and find out, but generally, when the thought occurs to me, like it is right now, I have wondered. All of that said -- I have no clue what movie or series these images of Arnaud are from -- I googled him (this much I can google) and they came up on that standard bearer of foot fetishism on the internet WikiFeet haha. These photos are pretty gratuitous in that respect though! So if you know what they're from help our foot fetishist friends out and share the info, please and thank you.

ETA thanks to commenter Pablo for the info! These are from 
a Casey Spooner video, which makes So Much Sense. Watch:

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Here, Some Fast Dune 2 Thoughts

I posted a shorter version of this on Twitter (see it here) but what the hell, I'll elaborate a bit here on MNPP proper just in case Twitter sinks into the muck eventually (slash tomorrow) and since it doesn't seem I'm writing up a review of Dune 2 anywhere else. But I'm still going to keep this brief though because I weirdly don't have a ton to say? Even though I quite liked the movie. It's as promised even more epic than the first one -- Villenueve's sense of scale is basically unmatched right now, and there are shots here that will take your breath away. We're truly blessed that someone with his visual eye has had this amount of money tossed at him -- nobody has made world building feel quite so definitive. 

Because watching Dune 2 you really and truly feel as if an entire fucking world has been built right in front of you. An entire fucking universe. And it feels so much bigger and more consequential than anything Marvel has ever accomplished because there are actual ideas at work here -- ideas about religion and politics and not just "I gots bad Daddy issues, wahhh." Although yes there's some Daddy issues too, for good measure. 

Though its Mommy Issues are more exciting, given how Rebecca Ferguson basically walks away with the entire film. Everything Villenueve is saying about religion here is absolutely vicious (and, you know, spot on) and Ferguson (and to a less seen but no less vicious extent Charlotte Rampling) relishes the shit out of it -- like she did in Doctor Sleep she's so good at being so cold-hearted and weird and cruel! I bow down, really and truly. She is the queen we demand.

As for the much touted Austin Butler as Feyd-Rautha he certainly looks very cool but I wasn't terribly impressed by him. Ferguson, Rampling, Stellan Skarsgård, Christopher Walken, hell even Dave Bautista drip with more menace -- I just didn't buy him as intimidating no matter how hard the make-up was working. He felt like a dopey kid playing dress-up. The big duel between him and Timothée is terrifically staged and choreographed, though. 

Speaking of, Timothée is good -- like he did in The King he surprises me every time he can muster a genuine sense of command; that the waif-like frailty we all know and love doesn't snap under the pressure of screaming orders at enormous crowds. That said I found it hysterically funny how big his hair got in the last act as Paul gets more powerful -- I guess Damian in Mean Girls was right. But it's a real Sigourney in Ghostbusters Gatekeeper type glow-up, volume-wise. He got a blow out. Power blow!

Okay those were more words than I anticipated rambling off. Shout out to the score too -- an absolute banger that I keep refreshing every website to see if the vinyl has been dropped yet. And needless to say the costumes astonish -- some truly Excalibur level cornball nonsense going on, but dialed up to ten thousand -- I love it. Anyway the movie is good! Better than the last one, and I liked the last one. It's annoying that it is another unfinished story -- especially with Villenueve bitching about the movies becoming television in interviews; dude, you're just giving us super-sized episodes of a Dune show here when it comes down to it. But I will keep tuning in.

Charles Melton Twelve Times

This photoshoot of Mr. Melton is actually a couple of years old -- it was for ICON magazine back in 2020, well before Todd Haynes' May December came out and Charles Melton wasn't suddenly just one of the hot guys on Riverdale but actually a legitimately talented actor who also happened to be one of the hot guys on Riverdale. Still I was posting Charles Melton photographs back then...

... since I don't know if you have noticed but "hot guy on Riverdale" is usually enough for me. So I'm surprised I didn't post this then, is my point. But I did not, and that's probably for the best because I now have a bunch of outtakes to go along with whatever was officially in the magazine. So thank the photographer, who posted a couple of these on his Insta today, for the refresh! And hit the jumpfor all of the photos...

Five Frames From ?

What movie is this?

Good Morning, Crow

Squawking at us this morning via Vanity Fair -- where they have a few more images and interview stuff, check it -- is our first look at Bill Skarsgård as The Crow in the new movie version, out on June 7th. Bill is getting a lot of use out of those new carved-in-marble abs huh? (See also here.) We don't mind. Re-use em if ya got em, that's my motto. Anyway I've never been much of a Crow person -- indeed that came up just yesterday when I mentioned on Twitter that it was the 26th anniversary of the other big 90s gothy movie directed by Alex Proyas...

I don't know if you can take yourself back to the 90s -- hell I don't know if half of you were alive in the 90s (SIGH) -- but superhero movies were considered real fucking goofy. Even something (maybe even especially something) that was taking itself as seriously as The Crow. Now we have to pretend they're not (although, genuine thoughts and prayers, that might be changing back?) but superhero movies were Barb Wire and the original Super Mario Brothers. And yes -- those movies have very much attained cult status now. Mostly because people can't believe there was a time when superhero movies were allowed to be so fucking weird. 

I was the right age for those movies when they were coming out, in my early teens, and I did indeed go and see them, but I was never a person who was taking them seriously. Same with The Crow. It was Hot Topic filtered through Hollywood -- it wasn't nearly as edgy as it thought it was. But I will say that the one excellent thing about it was that soundtrack. I was huge in my Nine Inch Nails phase right then and that soundtrack still rules. But I feel like I'm rambling now. So back to Bill Skarsgård and his gothic abdominals. What do we think? What is our immediate thought?

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Michael Fassbender Swings For George Clooney

I'm really annoyed by the lack of new photoshoots that accompanied the reemergence of Michael Fassbender last fall with David Fincher's The Killer and Taika Watita's Next Goal Wins -- I had to scrounge up an ancient picture to use here, and that's a crime against sexiness. Do some goddamned press, Michael! Anyway maybe next time around -- Variety is reporting he's in talks to lead George Clooney's new limited series called The Department, which is about spies and is a remake of a French series called The Bureau. (Anybody watched that?) 

Showtime gave the show an immediate greenlight, because they have apparently never watched anything George Clooney has directed before. He's famous though so he gets a greenlight, no matter how shitty he is at directing! That said the best thing he's done was his only other series, the 2019 series Catch-22, so maybe he should just direct TV. We'll see how this one goes before making a decision. And I can't possibly talk about George Clooney and Michael Fassbender without refering to that time he talked about Michael's dick on the Oscars, now can I?

Well let's hope George remembers, and puts it 
to good use on his little television series.

Five Frames From ?

What movie is this?