Monday, December 06, 2021

George of the Jungle

Actor George Mackay, he of the fascinating face seen above, has a new movie out right now -- Wolf, which sees him playing a dude who believes he's actually a wolf, opened this past Friday, and today at The Film Experience I wrote up some thoughts on the film. Read them right here. My thoughts are mixed, but not on George -- never on George. If you missed the trailer for the film I posted it back here. It's not a perfect movie by any stretch of the imagination, but I think it's probably worth seeing if anything I just said -- George, wolves, George's naked backside (okay i didn't mention that but I could have) -- grabs your interests. 

The Purple Pose of Colin Farrell

Oh, today was a good day. Not only did I just get my phone working again -- I documented this saga for absolutely no one to care about on Twitter, but the gist is I thought I'd lost five months worth of photos because I'd been lazy about back things up, but I managed to recover it all just now through apparent random luck -- and not only did I manage to pound out a half decent review for a movie I didn't think I had much of anything to say about (more on that in a minute), but to top it all off (and hey Colin that phrasing was on purpose, to give you an idea) Colin Farrell broke out another pair of his short shorts...

... ripped off his top, and went for a run in Los Angeles again. (via, thx Mac) A most blessed Monday! If you've missed Colin's previous public forays into this gorgeously gratuitous self-exploitation scan on back through our archives -- we are actually fortunate enough in these happenings' oft-nature that there are too many for me to link to individually! Amazing! He does this all the damned time, because he loves us, and he only wants good things for us. We love you back (front, every side), Colin! (In related actual news -- very cool to hear that he's getting a spin-off series from The Batman, with his Penguin character on HBO Max!)  Hit the jump for several dozen more purple short-shorts photos...

Now Alessandro's Giving Us Fever

Here is some fantastic news for this here Monday afternoon -- our boy Alessandro Nivola is in talks to star opposite Michelle Williams in Todd Haynes' upcoming biopic of the singer Peggy Lee! The movie is called Fever (we posted about it previously of course) but Deadline has this fresh Nivola-fied word, which is that he will play Dave Barbour, Lee's first husband (out of four total) and an accomplished guitarist on his own. Here is a photo of the real man:

Ever since Alessandro beautifully sang in the 2005 film Junebug I've been wanting him in a proper musical (he almost did once, although that movie seems to have fallen off) and this might not be that exactly but it's close enough -- who knows what an imagination-drunk iconoclast like Haynes will do with this material, after all? Well besides make Nivola look really good. Like, really really good. And that's a damn gift in and of itself. We deserve this!

Simon Rex Seven Times

I'll have more to say about Simon Rex's big comeback vehicle Red Rocket later this month when I'll be reviewing it -- although I will say that "comeback" really seems like a strong word because even when we all knew who Simon Rex was it never had anything approaching the respect this performance has been gathering, so Red Rocket actually feels in a lot of ways like a brand new introduction to a person with some actual talent besides the one about "being hot" -- but until then and for now let's just lean on the hot thing, because he still is. These photos are for Behind the Blinds magazine (via) and there are several more on after the jump...

Quote of the Day

"If you were to see Daredevil in upcoming things, Charlie Cox, yes, would be the actor playing Daredevil. Where we see that, how we see that, when we see that, remains to be seen."

-- That quote comes from no less than the only person it matters it coming from -- Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, via a chat with CinemaBlend. A lot of people have already theorized that Cox is playing Matt Murdock in the next Spider-Man movie (because Peter Parker will need a lawyer) and this could just be Feige getting ahead of that reveal when the movie starts screening very very soon (I am seeing it next week myself). Aaaaanyway y'all know how we feel (read: swoon) about Charlie and more Charlie is always a good thing, but I must admit, for chest hair's sake, I weep a little -- they always make him shave his glorious fur when he plays Daredevil, and making Charlie Cox shave his chest is basically a crime against humanity as far as I'm concerned. I mean think of all the starving children who need to be fed! Hopefully whatever universe in the Multiverse this story takes place in it's one where Matt Murdock is hairy.

Five Frames From ?

What movie is this?

Good Morning, World

I am -- you guessed it! -- still trying to sort out my computer situation from last week. So... that's what I am doing this morning. Hopefully this Ryan Phillippe video keeps you company until I can write something else. 

Friday, December 03, 2021

Oh Lowell If Only

If I am going to "use" Chris Lowell I wish it could be in a more exciting way than this, but today I am "using" Chris Lowell -- or this photo of himself that he posted on his Instagram, anyway -- to update your lucky asses on my tech woes, which I mentioned briefly yesterday. Update: I don't really have much of an update except everything's exactly the same! But that in itself is a thing because I can't really post much until this is sorted out, and since it ain't, I ain't. I'd say today is a wash basically, because I don't see this sorting itself out in the next four hours, and mentally... I am spent. Fucking, farking spent. Just gonna go stare at shit and wish the clock quicker. Have a good weekend, everybody.

Five Frames From ?

What movie is this?

Good Morning, World

My favorite thing about this underpants selfie that actor Rahul Kohli (of Midnight Mass and iZombie fame) shared on Twitter is that it was shared because Moon director Duncan Jones demanded it.

There's a whole context to that but context only spoils our boners, I won't allow it. The world's better without!

Thursday, December 02, 2021

Scott Speedman Three Times

I'm trapped inside some weird ring of hell today where nothing technology based will obey my commands and so I've been staring at spinning wheels and black screens for hours and I'm on the verge of full snapping, going full postal, but at least I've got these three new photos of the actor Scott Speedman to stare at, maybe talk me down a tad (via). Not really, but they're nice anyway! Hit the jump for them while I try not to hit the jump out my window...

Five Frames From ?

What movie is this?

Good Morning, Julian Morris

Congratulations to long time MNPP fave Julian Morris, who (I won't say finally, I won't say finally) came out this morning on Instagram by acknowledging his 18th anniversary with Landon Ross, a Los Angeles based artist who you might recognize as, well, Julian Morris' constant companion. Yes we all already had this figured out if you were paying them even the slightest bit of attention, but congratulations to them on 18 years -- that shit is a lot, I speak from experience! -- and also to Julian for releasing the exhausting weight of not being able to openly acknowledge that. It's so fucking exhausting! I speak from many years of experience on that as well, at least as far as a good solid half of my family went. Anyway I have swooned over Julian since the very first time I saw him, as a demon twink in the oh so classic film called Donkey Punch...

... meaning I've been riding this roller-coaster for 13 years myself, and I'm personally gratified that we got another one! Him and Landon might be our hottest openly gay  celebrity couple now? My type-wise, anyway. So more than anything what I am saying is that we deserve this! In all seriousness big congrats to the couple -- I downloaded Julain's announcement photos so we could look at them in a larger format if we so desire after the jump...

Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Orlando Bloom Six Times

This brand new photoshoot of our Orli (via) is technically supposed to be selling sunglasses, but Esquire knew well enough that we need some eye-candy to go with with our eye-glasses and so they enlisted Mr. Bloom's beefcake on the case. And, in the end... well I guess there are eye-glasses there too? Hit the jump for the rest...

Benedict Cumberbatch's Doggy Style

Yoohoo, you! Benedict Cumberbatch and that beautiful goldenrod sweater are here to tell you that the best movie of 2021, which is Jane Campion's The Power of the Dog, is today this very day on Netflix. For one and for all! I mean, as long as you "all" have Netflix. It's funny how we've been programmed to think that once a movie is on streaming it's literally available to everyone everywhere free and easy, as if Netflix doesn't actually cost money. Anyway I digress (as I do) -- this one's worth the money. I posted the trailer here but no, even though I have now seen it twice, once at TIFF and once at NYFF, I still haven't reviewed it even though I keep saying I am going to write something. I promise I will! Just not today. When movies this good come along I have to soak myself in them for awhile -- spitting out immediate thoughts wouldn't do it justice. I know I'm well passed the point of "immediate" even at this point, but I'm going to use that as my excuse for laziness. It's hifalutin and snooty and makes me look thoughtful instead of lazy, dammit!

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

The Sisters Brothers (2018)

Hermann Kermit Warm: What we need to do is to put an end to all this barbarity. Put an end to all this violence - find a solution for it. By inventing a new society. A society where the relationships among men is governed by respect and the absence of profit. Thus a society without greed.
A happy 39th birthday to Riz Ahmed today! If you missed The Sisters Brothers when it came out a couple of years ago you missed out on a real treat from director Jacques Audiard and his very fine cast -- here's my review. And I very much recommend you figure out someway to watch this movie then! Or again! It's on Hulu. Weirdly the blu-ray is totally out print? You can find foreign copies for 30+ bucks but I find it real strange this movie's already half dropped off the radar. Homophobia!

The heat between Jake and Riz in this movie -- my god. It goes unspoken, but it's clearly there -- now that I think about it this would make for a killer double-feature with Kelly Reichardt's First Cow in that way. "That way" meaning "loving queer-coded relationships between a bearded white man and an asian man with a mustache on the old-timey frontier." You know. That way. That very, very specific way. 

Happy John Waters List Day!

Tis the happiest time of the year, when our dad John Waters releases his Top 10 Movies list for Art Forum! You can see the list right here -- as per usual it's a mix of high and low low low brow, with perfectly Waters-ian compatriots like Leos Carax, Bruno Dumont, Gaspar Noé, and Bruce La Bruce all making appearances. And as per usual there are titles included that I've never even heard of (I think that final entry on his list he probably got sent a personalized screener from the director) and ones that I hate -- I just couldn't with Annette (here's my review) but it doesn't surprise me at all that John liked it. It seems his taste...

Five Frames From ?

What movie is this?

Good Morning, World

It's only been two years since Waves and Luce came out but am I crazy and actor Kelvin Harrison Jr. has really grown up a lot in those two years? I don't just mean the muscles -- he had some muscles two years ago in those movies -- I more mean facially; there are times when he's practically unrecognizable to me these days. Including in a few of these pictures he posted on his Insta last night from when he was getting dressed for the Gotham Awards earlier this week. Growing up is weird y'all. (Then again the past two years have been A Lot.) Not that he doesn't look mighty fine! Oh no not that. Clearly. And I'm excited for all the projects he's got lined up -- he's playing BB King in Baz Luhrmann's Elvis movie, and I haven't seen Cyrano yet (I had to skip my screening) but I've heard only excellent things. Hit the jump for more...

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Today's Fanboy Delusion

 Today I'd rather be...

... refilling my tank with Alex Russell.

(via; click to embiggen) Sure I'm happy for Alex Russell here that he's got a steady gig with that SWAT show -- and I'm happy for the rest of us that he's got a steady gig that requires him being in this kind of shape! -- but I just wish there was some overlap with "him employed" and "it being a thing I want to watch" is all. Oh well we can't have everything, and it's kind of him to share these kinds of images on his Insta so I don't have to go looking. Anyway I wasn't joking about the "need a refuel" thing -- I'm pretty blown out today and on top of that I'm about to head out for a second screening, so apologies, it's a quiet day and it's gonna remain that way. But you can hit the jump for a bonus Alex photo, because I'm giving even when I'm not...