Saturday, October 10, 2020

Nightstream Fest: Lucky in 175 Words or Less

Putting the "gory" in "allegory" Lucky stars Brea Grant as a woman whose catalogue-ready home -- this is some real Nancy Meyers shit here, with the throw pillows and accents -- gets invaded every single night by a masked man come to kill her. Also written by Grant (and directed by Natasha Kermani) I'm hesitant to call Lucky an exaggerated fable about the ways that women are taught to live in constant fear because I imagine to some women Lucky reads like a straight documentary -- my experience watching it as a 6'3" man who's never had to fear a parking garage is going to be very different from any given woman's. But I think it's safe to safe the gaslighting and terrorizing is turned up to a horror-movie-appropriate 11 in order to get the point through the thick skulls of boys like me who don't live this day in and out, and as such it's an effective experience (although a little on the nose at points). I certainly understood why parking garages are scary by its end!


Lucky is streaming as part of the ongoing 
Nightstream Fest, go check it out here!
Shudder will be dropping this in 2021.

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