Monday, October 04, 2021

The Nighstream Returns!

While waiting in line at my NYFF screening this morning I was complaining to my pal Joe (hi Joe!) about how I've been too busy with film festivals to get myself into the Scary Movie Mode that the month of October demands -- I'm really looking forward to being able to binge some spooktaculars soon! Maybe even find some horror movies I've never seen before? Those feel increasingly rare, especially of true quality, but there are always new movies to watch, and there are two horror film festivals in the next couple of weeks that just might be able to deliver what I'm looking for. I already told you about this year's Brooklyn Horror Fest, which runs from October 14th through 21st -- check out that post here -- but before that one, starting this Thursday the 10th and running until Sunday the 13th, is the second edition of the virtual-based Nightstream Festival! 

Check out this year's line-up here. Nightstream popped up last year when we couldn't have in-person fests, as a conglomeration of several local horror fests from around the country (including the Brooklyn one), and it kicked ass -- you can see my previous coverage here. And this year's line-up looks just as fun -- I've seen and reviewed several of the movies that they's screening previously from earlier-in-the-year fests, so here are a couple of links:

Kier-La Janisse's epic doc Woodlands Dark and 
Days Bewitched: A History of Folk Horror, reviewed here

Alien on Stage, reviewed here

King Car, reviewed here

Poser, reviewed here

After Blue, reviewed here

Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes, reviewed here

Those are all terrific movies! Other movies they're screening which I have seen but not reviewed and yet still recommend -- Mickey Reece's Agnes, Andrew Gaynard's All My Friends Hate Me, Jane Schoenbrun's We're All Going To The World's Fair, Samantha Aldana's Shapeless, John Adams' Hellbender, and especially especially Phil Tippet's thirty-years-in-the-making stop-motion epic Mad God, which is one of the rare beasts I felt safe pulling the word "masterpiece" out for the same year as its release. I never do that, I have a rule against it, and yet I knew on first sight that Mad God will be a part of my life forever. 

So much beauty! Anyway hopefully I'll be there this weekend digging into these titles alongside y'all -- there are a dozen that look swell that I still haven't seen myself! So stay tuned and maybe I'll review some of them for you. And go check out the line-up and buy your pass, scare yourselves silly, and do come crying to me.

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Anonymous said...

Shout out for Carlos Conceição’s “Name Above Title” (aka “Um foo de baba escarlate”, starring Matthieu Charneau who has been featured on this site... It keeps getting referenced as a neo-giallo, but it’s really only the Portuguese title that evokes that vibe, it’s actually very much it’s own thing.