Tuesday, February 23, 2021

5 Off My Head: Siri Says 1999

Well the day has finally arrived! The day I have dreaded among all my "Siri Says" series days! Today when I asked my telephone to give me a number between 1 and 100 she responded with the number "99" meaning I've finally got to dive face-first into my favorites from The Movies of 1999, aka the greatest year of filmmaking probably any of us will see in our lifetimes. (Also can I just say that it's super weird to me to think this was 22 years ago now and there are people on this here internet who weren't actually even alive to see it? WTF)

Anyway we knew pretty fast that 1999 was an insane year, quality-wise -- the first big series I did here on MNPP was about how incredible 1999 was, in 2006. Or anyway I knew. I gots my finger on the pulse, yo! Ahem. Anyway 1999 has been talked to death by this point, I don't have a lot to say about it besides, "Wowza!" But before I get to my immense list -- I am naming my 20 favorites because the year demands it -- there's one other piece of business (because this post wasn't already enough work). Whenever I finish an entire decade for our Siri Series I link to all ten years therein. (See also the 1970s, aka the only other decade I have finished.) Well with today's post I've just finished the 1990s! Here's links:

 are my favorite movies of 1990
Here are my favorite movies of 1991
Here are my favorite movies of 1992
Here are my favorite movies of 1993
Here are my favorite movies of 1994
Here are my favorite movies of 1995
Here are my favorite movies of 1996
Here are my favorite movies of 1997
Here are my favorite movies of 1998

And now without further blathering I give you...

My Favorite Movies of 1999
(dir. Doug Liman)
-- released on April 9th 1999 -- 
(dir. Spike Jonze)
-- released on December 3rd 1999 -- 
(dir. Myrick & Sánchez)
-- released on July 30th 1999 -- 

(dir. Anthony Minghella)
-- released on December 25th 1999 -- 
(dir. Paul Thomas Anderson)
-- released on December 17th 1999 -- 
(dir. David Fincher)
-- released on October 15th 1999 -- 
(dir. Alexander Payne)
-- released on May 7th 1999 -- 
(dir. Tom Tykwer)
-- released on June 18th 1999 -- 
(dir. Dean Parisot)
-- released on December 25th 1999 -- 

(dir. The Wachowskis)
-- released on March 31st 1999 -- 
(dir. Sofia Coppola)
-- released on May 19th 1999 -- 
(dir. Antonia Bird)
-- released on March 19th 1999 -- 

(dir. Pedro Almodovar)
-- released on November 24th 1999 -- 
(dir. David Cronenberg)
-- released on April 23rd 1999 -- 
(dir. Stanley Kubrick)
-- released on July 16th 1999 -- 
(dir. Andrew Fleming)
-- released on August 4th 1999 -- 
(dir. David Lynch)
-- released on October 15th 1999 -- 
(dir. Steven Soderbergh)
-- released on October 8th 1999 -- 
(dir. Tim Burton)
-- released on November 19th 1999 -- 
(dir. Takashi Miike)
-- released on  October 2nd 1999 -- 


Runners-up: The Sixth Sense (dir. M. Night Shyamalan), Toy Story 2 (dir. John Lasseter), Three Kings (dir. David O. Russell), October Sky (dir.), South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut (dir. Trey Parker), Girl Interrupted (dir. James Mangold), The End of the Affair (dir. Neil Jordan), In Dreams (dir.Neil Jordan), Splendor (dir. Gregg Araki), Cruel Intentions (dir. Roger Kumble)...

... Jawbreaker (dir. Darren Stein), Office Space (dir. Mike Judge), A Walk on the Moon (dir. Tony Goldwyn), Notting Hill (dir. Mike Newell), Summer of Sam (dir. Spike Lee), Lake Placid (dir. Steve Miner), Drop Dead Gorgeous (dir. Michael Patrick Jann), Trick (dir. Jim Fall), Deep Blue Sea (dir. Renny Harlin)...

... The Iron Giant (dir. Brad Bird), Stir of Echoes (dir. David Koepp), House on Haunted Hill (dir. William Malone), Topsy Turvy (dir. Mike Leigh), Ride With the Devil (dir. Ang Lee), Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris (dir. Shusuke Kaneko), The Mummy (dir. Stephen Sommers), But I'm a Cheerleader (dir. Jamie Babbit)

Never Seen: Mansfield Park (dir. Patricia Rozema), For the Love of the Game (dir. Sam Raimi), Man on the Moon (dir. Milos Forman), She's All That (dir. Robert iscove), 10 Things I Hate About You (dir. Gil Junger), Tarzan (dir. Chris Buck), Tumbleweeds (dir. Gavin O'Connor), The Insider (dir. Michael Mann), Never Been Kissed (dir. Raja Gosnell), An Ideal Husband (dir. Oliver Parker)...

... Buena Vista Social Club (dir. Wim Wenders), Music of the Heart (dir. Wes Craven), Bowfinger (dir. Frank Oz), Flawless (dir. Joel Schumacher), Titus (dir. Julie Taymor), Jesus' Son (dir. Alison Maclean), Ratcatcher (dir. Lynne Ramsey), Analyze This (dir. Harold Ramis), Payback (dir. Brian Helgeland), American Movie (dir. Chris Smith)


What are your favorite movies of 1999?


joel65913 said...

Prime Scott Caan to wrap up the post! Nice!

I don't know that I'd say '99 was the best, but I guess it's all a matter of age and perspective. My vote would go to 1988 with 1974 being thisclose of the years since I've been able to go to the movie theatre unaccompanied by an adult! But there were many great movies that came out this year.

I really need to knuckle down and watch Being John Malkovich. I'm not his biggest fan which has kept me from it but everyone seems to love it so. There are a couple others on your list that are still blind spots for me (I'll probably never see Eyes Wide Shut-the idea of spending over two hours with both Kidman AND Cruise gives me hives) but there are some very fine films there too.

I see you've finally caught up with October Sky and its a runner-up! Love that movie, it's my favorite of the year actually.

I think our list are going to be very different but that just shows how many quality choices there were this year.

My top 15:

October Sky
Tea with Mussolini
Cider House Rules
The Mummy
Blast From the Past
Galaxy Quest
The Sixth Sense
Second Skin
Mansfield Park
The Big Tease
The Talented Mr. Ripley
The Hurricane
Beau Travail


An Ideal Husband
Any Given Sunday
Double Jeopardy
The Insider
Office Space
Runaway Bride
She’s All That
Sleepy Hollow
Varsity Blues

Laramie Dean said...

Ah, THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY. Now and forever. "Tom, you're crushing me ... you're crushing me ... Sob.

Anonymous said...

Peak year for male hotness as well (besides the other photographic evidence in this post, J.P. Pitoc in "Trick" is an enduring favorite...)

You've never seen "Mansfield Park"??!? I think it's terrific, entirely aside from featuring Alessandro at his most swoonworthy.

Anonymous said...


par3182 said...

nothing points out the uselessness of the oscars than they way they botched this amazing year

my top five:

being john malkovich
galaxy quest
the talented mr ripley
toy story 2

highly recommended you watch 'mansfield park'

Bradley said...

Incredible year but All About My Mother is easily the best for me. A personal all time favourite.

AxFromMN said...

What a year. Magnolia and Talented Mr Ripley hold a special place in my heart. And so many reasons to fall in love with Julianne Moore.

With as many movies as you've watched, I'm surprised you've missed some of the classics of that year: Man on the Moon, 10 Things I Hate About You (starmaking turn for Heath), Buena Vista Social Club, American Movie (this one might be worth a rewatch to see if it holds up, it was very much of its era).

You should see Mansfield Park, just since you're so friendly with Alessandro Nivola (first time I remember seeing him).

Shawny said...

The Straight Story
Being John Malcovich
Eyes Wide Shut
Those are the three I’d watch over again in a heartbeat. A great year for film. I still think that Eyes Wide Shut was edited to cover that they were having sex with children, and that Kubrick paid the ultimate price for what he tried to expose. The visuals do not in any way match the weight of the score at the sex party, and the secrecy of it all. I’m probably wrong, but we do know the ending was changed and it was never disclosed what was removed or covered over.

tanpoffel said...

You need to watch 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU stat. It's such a great 1990s high school vibe movie but it's also much smarter than that, has some great one liners and some really good actors (both Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger are amazing in it, and baby Joseph Gordon-Levitt is just adorable).

Hot guys said...

5? 😏 That's quite a list you've got there... 🤷‍♂️

I've seen a few of those. While Eddie Cibrian was such a babe back then... 💪🏻🔥 I will never understand what people saw in Brad Pitt, honestly 🙄

Also, I love me some Julianne Moore in my life! 🧡

Jason Adams said...

I was going to get into how SHOCKED I was at y list of movies from this year I hadn't seen but this post took FOREVER and I just wanted to get it done. But I was surprised by a lot of the missing titles myself, most especially MAN ON THE MOON -- I can't believe I still haven't seen that. This post was a good reminder to knock several of these titles onto my Watch Soon list, at least.

Jason Adams said...

Oh my god also SPLENDOR how did I miss Splendor???? That should 100% be on my runner-up lost, I am gonna go add it now. Thanks for the reminder, anon :)

p said...
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Adam said...

Watched Ravenous just a few weeks ago for the first time- bonkers, and great!

J.D. said...

Wow! There's been a lot of great movies back in 1999. I used to have a lot of fond memories as a kid back then.