Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Pics of the Day

Earlier today Jennifer Tilly shared this set photo from the filming of the 2004 classic Seed of Chucky on her Insta, saying, "I miss Don Mancini’s hands on directing style. Also with producer Guy Louthan. (It takes a village)." Which is a good reminder that contrary to what I just said in my previous post, about how you should listen to me because I know things, that I actually know nothing, and here's why -- I only found out Chucky creator Don Mancini was 1) gay and 2) hot within the past couple of years. How is that even possible? Shame on me, calling myself a gay horror aficionado. In related news I just got a super deal on the boxed-set of Chucky movies a couple of weeks ago and I've been contemplating doing a big binge. I'm pretty sure I've seen them all before but what better time than the present for killer dolls and Beth Grant getting beaten to death with a ruler and Jennifer Tilly and John Waters getting acid poured on his head and...

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