Thursday, March 05, 2020

Pantys 19: The Gratuities

Well it wouldn't be MNPP without some ogling of the menfolk, now would it? We've already taken stock of our favorite male and our favorite female performers of the year, but what about their butts? Butts, bits, in betweens. What's the movies without sex? Even David Cronenberg knows that. That said some years I've gone way overboard with listing the year's Gratuities -- I mean look how I went all out in 2010 and in 2011 -- but this year I'm keeping it, like the rest of this year's Pantys, somewhat under control. My 13 faves (I couldn't narrow it down to 10, I just couldn't) and then 10 runners-up. It's still a lot of naked guys, y'all. And let's get on 'em!

My 13 Favorite Gratuities of 2019

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, A Million Little Pieces
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Juan Barberini and Ramon Pujol,
End of the Century

Tom MercierSynonyms

Robert Pattinson, The Lighthouse

Jack Reynor, Midsommar
Chris Evans, Michiel Huisman and 
Alessandro Nivola, Red Sea Diving Resort
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Felix Maritaud, Sauvage / Wild

Naoki Kobayashi, Earthquake Bird
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Andrew Garfield, Under the Silver Lake
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Jake Gyllenhaal, Velvet Buzzsaw
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César VicentePain and Glory

Kelvin Harrison Jr, Waves

Florian David Fitz and Matthias Schweighöfer
100 Things -- see lots more here --


10 Runners-up

Taron Egerton & Richard Madden, Rocketman
Christopher Abbott, Piercing 

Matthias Schoenaerts, The Mustang
CM Punk, Girl on the Third Floor

Zac Efron, Extremely Wicked...
Shia LaBeoufPeanut Butter Falcon

Carloto Cotta, Diamantino
Juan Pablo Olyslager, Temblores

Matthew McConaughey, Serenity
Vincent Lacoste and Pierre DeladonchampsSorry Angel


What were some of your faves in 2019?


Scott said...

Unquestionably the best moment in The Lighthouse.

Otherwise, César Vicente.

Anonymous said...

That Pain and Glory scene is fucking all time great. ICONIC.

Anonymous said...

+1 for Cesar in Pain and Glory

Peggy Sue said...

Aaron's Johnson