Thursday, March 05, 2020

Get Lost Inside Chris Evans

Scott Derrickson, the director of the two Sinister movies as well as Doctor Strange, is going to make a scary movie about the Bermuda Triangle next, and it is probably going to star Chris Evans. This comes a few months after he quit (or got fired, I don't remember) the Doctor Strange sequel. You may recall that the person who's now directing the Doctor Strange sequel is none other than Sam fuckin' Raimi, movie god? Guess who was supposed to direct this Bermuda movie before? That's right -- Sam Raimi. Add on the fact that Chris Evans is you know well known for making Marvel Movies and this is all so incestuous it could be a VC Andrews book. 

Anyway this is the second time this week that I've thought about rewatching Christopher Smith's terrifically underrated brain-bending 2009 flick Triangle with Melissa George and a very young Liam Hemsworth (speaking of incest), so maybe I should do that? Anybody seen it lately? Does it hold up?


Shane said...

Jason, hubby and I watched this flick back in January.

Although not an entirely satisfying film overall I can say that it was intense at times with good performances - I'd called it a fun popcorn movie. 7/10

Anonymous said...

I remember being pleasantly surprised by Triangle. It's best if you don't think too hard on the twisty plot, but it was fun.
And I've never seen Liam look hotter, so there's that!