Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Good Morning, World

Any worry that I had going in to Earthquake Bird about my brand new crush on Japanese actor Naoki Kobayashi -- someone I'd never even heard of before a few weeks previously, but have since caught up on thoroughly -- might disappear once I saw him act went right out the window once I watched the movie this past weekend. The movie's only okay, but his charisma has charisma.

That dancing scene with Riley Keough glimpsed in the trailer is a real highlight -- you can tell the J-Pop star and choreographer was jazzed to be shaking it with Elvis' grand-baby. The movie itself gets less interesting as it goes along, diluting all the weird characterizations it introduces with some last act Lifetime simplifications, but the three leads (even Alicia Vikander, who's never been all that interesting to me before) weave together a weird little knot worth watching. Riley is, as always, a blast. Anyway to top that off Naoki shows a surprising amount of skin in the movie, which is why we're here just admit it, and you can take that in after the jump...

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