Friday, October 19, 2018

BHFF: RIP 2018

The Brooklyn Horror Festival came to a close for its 2018 edition last evening, and while I didn't cover quite as much as I'd hoped to since that cold came along and knocked me on my butt all weekend I did manage to get several reviews out of it, and saw some real quality stuff. I appreciate them letting me cover this year, and hope to return next! Let's round up all of my coverage for easy clicking. Here was my introduction to the slate, and now for the reviews...

Knife + Heart -- A giallo set in the gay porn underground of 1970s France, this movie's the best thing I saw at the fest, and might make my list of favorite movies of the year when it comes down to it. Stylish and insane. I adore it.

Welcome to Mercy -- You can't really call this movie an Evil Nun movie because its story is a little too complicated for that catch-all, but there's visual inventiveness in spades, making ye olde exorcism act seem fresh as a dewy morning, imagine that.

Empathy Inc -- It's being sold as an especially dark episode of Black Mirror which is fitting - it's about future tech gone very very wrong.

Tower. A Bright Day. -- A strange little Polish nightmare about the wrong-headed reunion of a family that shouldn't have happened. Mostly mood, lots of tension - I was squirming with ill ease.

The Clovehitch Killer -- Charlie Plummer and Dylan McDermott play father and son in this deeply disturbing suburban serial killer flick. IFC Midnight is releasing this movie on VOD in November - I'll definitely keep you informed. It's terrific.

 -- A family of four in Detroit gets cursed on Halloween night and diabolical forces slowly peel them apart. 

Blood Harvest -- I gaped in something akin to awe at the paint-streaked cojones of this 1987 clown horror film starring a deranged Tiny Tim (I know, that's redundant) not to mention a very young Peter Krause in very tight jeans...

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