Friday, May 06, 2022

Gee It's Joe

Have I mentioned to you people that I will be offline for most of next week? I'm traveling for a wedding -- it'll be my first time on a plane in at least three years, probably longer, and no I am not looking forward to that one little bit, thanks for asking -- and MNPP will be closed for business every day next week save Monday. It's pretty bad timing, I have heaps of shit piling up (not to mention I am having to miss out on my Tori Amos concert -- which, as an aside, I have a Tori Amos ticket for sale if anybody wants to send me a message about that!) -- but I suppose it will do me good to be somewhere else for a hot minute. Anyway that's next week -- right now it's the weekend, and we should all go enjoy the weekend. I recommend the new Doctor Strange movie -- reviewed here -- as I very much enjoyed it myself; if you see it tell me what you think! As a parting gift here is one more photograph of Joe Alwyn in Arena Homme magazine, this coming on top of the nineteen photos from that magazine I shared earlier this week. A nice round twenty then! Bye.

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Aquinas1220 said...

I REALLY liked the new Dr. Strange movie. Liked it more than I was anticipating. I'd imagine if folks walk into it without having seen WandaVision, however, they'd be pretty lost and miss out on the great nuances of Elizabeth Olson's character.