Wednesday, April 27, 2022

5 Off My Head: Siri Says 1937

Well I wasn't planning on doing one of my "Siri Says" posts today but I am the poisonous combination of being both dullard-minded and bored to boot this afternoon, and this is a good way to kill an hour plus -- wowza am I ever selling it today! You're welcome! Anyway today's pick ended up being "37" and so we'll be talking the Movies of 1937. Which well first things first it turns out this is the last year of the 1930s that I had left! So, as we do whenever we finish a decade, here are links to all of the 1930s...

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are my favorite movies of 1935
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Lots of fun to be had up in there, as the 1930s are obviously a killer decades for the movies -- indeed going though the movies of 1937 I have to admit that I was kind of shocked by how few 1937 movies I have seen? I'm pretty good with the 30s in general, but for some reason this year in particular is a big fat void nothingburger. I'll be curious to hear what movies y'all dig from it, because I got not a lot! The enthusiasm of this post, from start to finish, it's really something right? It's just that kind of day. On that note...

My 5 Favorite Movies of 1937

(dir. Leo McCarey)
-- released on October 21st 1937 --

(dir. William A. Wellman)
-- released on November 25th 1937 --

(dir. King Vidor)
-- released on August 5th 1937 --

(dir. David Hand, etc.)
-- released on December 21st 1937 --

(dir. Leo McCarey)
-- released on April 30th 1937 --


Never seen: Easy Living (dir. Mitchell Leisen), Topper (dir. Norman Z. McLeod), Lost Horizon (dir. Frank Capra), Captain Courageous (dir. Victor Fleming), The Life of Emile Zola (dir. William Dieterle), Marked Woman (dir. Lloyd Bacon)


What are your favorite movies of 1937?


Shawny said...

Make Way for Tomorrow is my favorite here.

Val said...

How perfect is The Awful Truth? Just fun and silly perfection. And that wonderfully ridiculous ending that Dunne plays insanely sexy. They were totally doing it before the credits ended. An all time fav!

Rob said...

I agree with yours and might add Swing High, Swing Low, You Only Live Once and Grand Illusion. Maybe Stage Door, too.

Jason Adams said...

Rob -- I had a runner-up list that for some reason (the reason was laziness) I didn't include, and it had both Grand Illusion and Stage Door on it

Jake said...

Damn! Cary Grant was so damn gorgeous!!!❤