Tuesday, June 21, 2016

5 Off My Head - Siri Says 1930

I don't know how often I'll do these posts but I keep feeling the need on Tuesdays, so I guess they're a Tuesday thing. Anyway if you're new what I do is I ask my phone to pick a number between 1 and 100, and then I pick my five favorite movies from the corresponding year. Last week when I did 1975 I complained that our phone kept giving us numbers in the 70s, but I should've kept my big yap shut because this week it gave me a difficult one - 30! The list that follows is very nearly just a list of the only movies I have seen from 1930. (And no, somehow I've never seen All Quiet on the Western Front.) Anyway here goes, my Five "Favorite" Movies of 1930...

(dir. Josef von Sternberg)
-- released April 1st, 1930 --

L'Age d'Or (Age of Gold)
(dir. Luis Buñuel)
-- released November 28th, 1930--

(dir. Alfred Hitchcock)
-- released November 24th, 1930 --

The Divorcee
(dir. Robert Z. Leonard)
-- released April 19th, 1930 --

(dir. Josef von Sternberg)
-- released December 6th, 1930--

What are your favorites of 1930?


Josito Montez said...

All Quiet on the Western Front, L'Age D'Or, The Blue Angel, The Big House and City Girl.

JA said...

Oh how'd I miss City Girl???? I LOVE CITY GIRL.

joel65913 said...

Some terrific films. My five would be All Quiet on the Western Front, Morocco, Madame Satan, Hell's Angels and Paid-one of Joan Crawford's better early talkies.

Anonymous said...

My Top 10 in approximate descending order: All Quiet on the Western Front, Blue Angel, Earth, L'Age D'Or, People on Sunday, Morocco, City Girl, Min and Bill, Borderline, The Big House

Pierce said...

Animal Crackers, Garbo in Anna Christie, The Blue Angel, Journey's End, Madame Satan, Prix d'Beauty starring Louise Brooks, The Divorcee.

john konopka said...

Howard Hughs' Hell's Angels, Little Caesar w/ Edward G. Robinson, Anna Christie w/ Greta Garbo