Friday, October 08, 2021

I'm on a Swinton Bender

Did you hear that crazy amazing news that Michael Fassbender's co-star in the David Fincher movie he's making -- it's called The Killer and I told you about it way way back in February -- is going to be no less than Tilda goddamned Swinton? This is news that, predictably, excites me. Normally it would excite me, but after just having hung out in the vicinity of Tilda a couple of times this week thanks to NYFF, while watching her give one of her finest freshest performances in Memoria at said same fest, well it's doubly moreso. On the Memoria tip I will have a review of that movie up in the next couple of days, but my brain officially told me to fuck off today -- I am entirely burned out now. You're not getting anything else from me today. I am done. Dunzo! Done squared zoh, even. You see what I'm working with? Nobody wants more of this anyway. Bye.

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