Friday, October 08, 2021

Something Senior This Way Comes

I'll openly admit -- I actually sort of do, in the review -- that I was an easy mark for The Manor, Axelle Carolyn's new horror flick starring Barbara Hershey that's on Prime today, because I have been so busy with serious-minded NYFF screenings that the trashy-horror half of my brain was yearning, striving to break free, now that it's October. It scratched an itch, and as such I was very nice to the movie, which isn't in itself terribly memorable. We movie critics don't let this on too often but roughly 99.44% of our opinions are whims based on immediate mood and absolutely nothing more substantial than that. Nothing I say! That's right, Big Movie Critic, I'm whistleblowin'! Oh my god I am weird today, ignore me please. Just ignore me by clicking over to Pajiba where I reviewed this movie, I mean. That's the best way to ignore me. And here's the trailer for The Manor:

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Brad said...


My love! I can’t wait to watch.