Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Montgomery: Let us give each other the courage 
to see beyond the stories we were born into!

Even though I'm sure he's rightly in mourning for his Lovecraft Country co-star slash genius-in-his-own-right Michael K. Williams (and a big "Rest in Peace" that that great one) I do wanna wish the happiest of possible happy birthdays to our favorite new actor of the past couple of years, Mr. Jonathan Majors. He's turning an exquisite 32 today and if you ask me his 30s-to-be are looking rather bright. Just even by the measure of the very next year, with his villainous turns in both the third film of Creed franchise as well as the MCU, where his Kang the Conquerer, already symphonically previewed to much acclaim on Loki...

... will supposedly show up next in the Ant-Man sequel. Oh and also that WWII fighter pilot movie with Glen Powell called Devotion. Oh and also that Netflix Western with Idris Elba called The Harder They Fall. And I wouldn't be surprised if his name gets attached to a dozen more things next week, that's how hot he is. And he deserves the heat. I might have to re-watch TLBMISF for the ten-hundredth time tonight in his honor. Check our Archives on Mr. Majors here, they are thorough. Have a fine day, Mr. Majors.

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