Friday, September 13, 2019

Tom Mercier Three Times

Since the first film I'll be seeing for NYFF on Monday morning will be Synonyms -- starring Tom Mercier here in a performance that even I've heard the buzz for from my perch in no place special -- I figured I'd share these shots of the actor off his Instagram tonight where they'll stay tops until I return Monday afternoon, having by then seen the film. It also makes a sweet echo since I posted the trailer for the movie exactly one week ago, watch it right here

If you're wondering what I think you personally should watch this weekend there's actually quite a lot! Here is my review of Hustlers with Constance Wu and Jennifer Lopez, which is a whole lot of fun and way better made than it probably needed to be. Here is my review of One Cut of the Dead, the feel good Japanese zombie movie of all time. It's not a review but earlier today I told you that The Sound of Silence with Peter Sarsgaard is well worth a listen.

Oh and Larry Fessenden's Frankenstein movie Depraved is out now too, and it's a pretty interesting lo-fi Brooklynite spin on that well-trod tale (with slight hints of queerness here and there) that you should seek out if Mary Shelley's your jam. In a funny bit of timing the dude who plays Fessenden's monster, actor Alex Breaux, also plays one of the stockbrokers who gets ripped off in Hustlers -- in fact I'm pretty sure it's him that we see in his altogether in Hustlers -- so really it's his big weekend if it's anybody's...


schmiedepaul said...

Gonna watch Synonymes in the theater on 23rd 😀

Adrian C said...

he's so handsome, so stoked to see him in Luca Guadagnino's HBO show, hopefully next year!.