Monday, September 16, 2019

So Sharp, These Knives

Knives Out director Rian Johnson, of Brick and The Last Jedi fame (or infamy I suppose depending on your level of vitriol towards the latter, ya nerds) has spent this very day tweeting out character posters for the movie -- a lot of the time with one movie releasing twenty character posters you're like "Who cares" but...

... with Knives Out you've got a cast worth caring over, 
and it just keeps going.

All that tweed and all that shelving, 
it's a lot for me to take in at once.

Knives Out isn't out until Thanksgiving which seems like ages away but at the same time seems like the exactly the right time to release a family-based murder mystery -- when else are people going to want to fantasize about slashing their relatives to ribbons then when they've been forced to have an extremely long meal with all of them at once? I relate.

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