Friday, September 13, 2019

Fassy Scores

Well I think it's safe to say that the long international nightmare that was our Michael Fassbender drought can be safely set behind us with this news -- he's in talks to star as the soccer coach in that Taika Waititi Samoan soccer team movie we told you about last month. It's called Next Goal Wins and it's a fictional re-telling of a 2014 documentary that told the same story -- or I guess you could just say it's the fictional telling of the same story, whatever. I'm needlessly complicating sentences in my Fassy Fever. Just think of all of the photos we're going to get of Michael and Taika hanging on each other on red carpets!

Anyway I brought up the casting of this role in that earlier post but Fassy didn't occur to me since he's a little on the young side for the role? Still who cares, Fassy swanning around a locker-room full of soccer players, my heart and so forth skips a beat. I couldn't find any pictures of Michael in a soccer uniform (which is kind of weird for an actor out of the UK) so here's my favorite photo of his X-Men co-star and handsy good friend James McAvoy taking up his slack:


AxFromMN said...

He better be in shorts so short he needs the Armie Haer digital treatment

Dan said...

He doesn’t need the shorts to be short for that!

Lucas said...

this McAvoy pic is pure wank material