Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Happy 10 to Thirst

I was really hoping I'd get around to re-watching Park Chan-wook's fantastic 2009 vampire priest flick Thirst before it hit its 10th anniversary today, but that thirst, it goes unquenched, I let time slide away. But that doesn't mean I don't have things to say! I can always find things to say, as, you know, displayed by this massive monument to be my verbal ego called This Website. Anyway, Thirst! Here is my really far too brief review from 2009 at this link, which isn't even really a review -- all I said was I liked it the least of his films so far, which seems insane to my eyes here 10 years later. It's grown so far in my estimation in the decade since that I called it one of my 13 favorite movies of 2009 just a few months ago. 

Lead actress Kim Ok-bin seems to have done mostly TV work in South Korea ever since, which is a shame as she should've become a great big movie star -- I never did get around to seeing the 2017 flick The Villainess, which she was in (that's her above), did any of you? Thirst's leading man Song Kang-ho was of course already a huge star in SK when Thirst happened but he's done some killer work after it too, especially with director Bong Joon-ho in Snowpiercer and the upcoming supposedly revelatory Parasite (see that trailer here). 

In related news Kino Lorber has a massive sale going on right now on their website and you can get the blu-ray for Thirst for just 14 bucks at this link. That's six bucks less than Amazon! If you'd like to check through our archives on the film there're are a surprising lot of other things we've written over the years -- that's how a movie goes from a tepid review to becoming a favorite. It got stuck in my brain!

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