Monday, September 21, 2009

Bloody Hell...

... that's quick: STYD has word on the DVD release of Park Chan-wook's vamp-priest movie Thirst; it'll be out on November 17th. So if you missed it in theaters - and I have no idea, was its release that wide outside of large metropolitan areas? - your opportunity to watch the wacky antics of Father San-hyeon and his lady streaking red across austere white rooms is not too far off now!

I never did write a proper review of the film, or my mixed thoughts upon it, and I still don't think I can really. It's a complicated and messy film, perhaps my least favorite of Park's films but I adore all of his films so that isn't exactly saying that it's awful. Just that I had more issues with it than the others. It has moments of greatness but also stretches where I wasn't entirely sure that Park knew what he was going for himself. But it fascinates me and I might end up watching it more than his other films at the same time.


Stacie Ponder said...

Yeah, overall it didn't work for me. It was awful purdy to look at, and it had its moments, but overall it felt really disjointed and too long. A bit like 3 separate movies stitched together.

Dr. Stan Glick said...

I thought THIRST was terrific. I enjoyed it even more than OLDBOY. I felt that both were a bit long, but I think that is due - at least in part - to having to deal with subtitles and thought-provoking subject matter at the same time. I wonder what they're like for a Korean speaker who wouldn't have to deal with the subtitles. I say "See it" on DVD if you haven't already, and "See it again" if you have.