Tuesday, March 20, 2018

13 Off My Head: Siri Says 2009

I kind of hate it when I ask Siri to give me a number between 1 and 100 for our "Siri Says" series and she gives me a number that corresponds to a year I already did a humungous list for at the time it happened - like say today she gave me the number "9" and so I looked through our awards for the year 2009 and man I was thorough. I did a Top 20; I gave five runners-up even. 

But funny enough, unlike other recent years that we've looked back on there is actually a lot I might change now? There are several movies that have stood the test of time but there are also several I haven't seen in a decade and then there are several I haven't shown any interest in revisiting, is what I mean. Oh and there are a couple of 2009 movies I didn't see until a year or two later that mess everything up. So let's make a new Top 13 (this was a great year) of The Movies of 2009 then, according to current whims...

My 13 Favorite Movies of 2009
(in no particular order)

(dir. Wes Anderson)
-- released on November 25th 2009 --

(dir. Jane Campion)
-- released on October 9th 2009 --

(dir. Nicolas Winding Refn)
-- released on March 13th 2009 --

(dir. Park Chan-wook)
-- released on April 30th 2009 --

(dir. Spike Jonze)
-- released on October 16th 2009 --

(dir. Lars von Trier)
-- released on October 23rd 2009 --

(dir. Erick Zonca)
-- released on May 8th 2009 --

(dir. Coens)
-- released on November 6th 2009 --

(dir. Sam Raimi)
-- released on May 29th 2009 --

(dir. Pascal Laguier)
-- released on April 28th 2009 --

(dir. Yorgos Lanthimos)
-- released on November 11th 2009 --

(dir. Steven Soderbergh)
-- released on September 18th 2009 --

(dir. Quentin Tarantino)
-- released on August 21st 2009 --


Runners-up: Coraline (dir. Henry Selick), Orphan (dir. Jaume Collet-Serra), A Single Man (dir. Tom Ford), Jennifer's Body (dir. Karyn Kusama), The White Ribbon (dir. Heneke), Observe & Report (dir. Jody Hill), Summer Hours (dir. Assayas), Ponyo (dir. Miyazaki), Sin Nombre (dir. Cary Fukunaga), Avatar (dir. James Cameron), Broken Embraces (dir. Perdo Almodovar)...

... Best Worst Movie (dir. Michael Stephenson), Precious (dir. Lee Daniels), My Son My Son What Have Ye Done (dir. Werner Herzog), Watchmen (dir. Zack Snyder), The Headless Woman (dir. Lucrecia Martel), In The Loop (dir. Armondo Ianucci), The Final Destination (dir. David R. Ellis), Splice (dir. Vincenzo Natali), The House of the Devil (dir. Ti West), Trick r' Treat (dir. Michael Dougherty), Taxidermia (dir. Gyrgy Plfi), Mary & Max (dir. Adam Elliot)

What are your favorite movies of 2009?


Pierce said...

Star Trek
Angels and Demons
Public Enemies
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Taking Woodstock
Coco Before Chanel
The Men Who Stare at Goats
The Young Victoria

Anonymous said...

Wow what film is the GIF from under the title? Smoldering!

Jane said...

A Single Man
I Killed My Mother
An Education
500 Days of Summer
Where the Wild Things Are
Mr. Nobody
I Am Love

Jason Adams said...

Anon - that top gif is from Tom Ford's movie A SINGLE MAN

Alias74 said...

That shot of Stuhlbarg's creamy delicious thighs is giving me LIFT OFF!

Scott said...

I don't have a firm top list for this year since, as you note, it's an excellent year, but as far as the ones I revisit most often, those are likely Where the Wild Things Are (to me an all-time classic), The Brothers Bloom, A Single Man, Summer Hours, Half-Blood Prince, In the Loop, and Coraline - and funnily enough I was just thinking I should rewatch Julia.

Anonymous said...

Dorian Gray!

Anonymous said...

I kinda feel like Where the Wild Things Are is still terribly underrated