Friday, February 15, 2019

My Favorite Movies of 2018 -- 10 Runners Up

[As mentioned this morning I'm off-line as of this afternoon through Monday night, but I'm giving you a couple of little preview tastes of our 2018 "Golden Trousers" awards, which I'm hoping to have up next week in full.]

So every year in movies is actually a great year in movies if you really stick your face in the thing, but let's just make one thing abundantly clear -- 2018 was a great year for the movies every which way you looked. My list of beloveds runs verrry long and verrry deep -- I could be giving you a Top 50 total and there'd still be flicks I felt irritable over not making that thick cut. (Pour one out for The Guilty, y'all.) So slicing myself down to a Top 30 is as good as I can do. I can't not mention a one of these -- if I tried I would collapse onto a fainting couch and cough blood into a frilly little handkerchief, I swear it.

So here are 10 movies that juuuust missed 
my Top 20, and in alphabetical order...

(dir. Alex Garland)
-- read my review here --

(dir. Lee Chang-dong)

(dir. Daniel Goldhaber)
-- read my review here --

Happy As Lazzaro 
(dir. Alice Rohrwacher)
-- read my review here --

If Beale Street Could Talk 
(dir. Barry Jenkins)
-- read my review here --

Lean on Pete 
(dir. Andrew Haigh)
-- read my review here --

(dir. Christina Choe)
-- read my review here --

The Sisters Brothers 
(dir. Jacques Audiard)
-- read my review here --

Summer 1993 
(dir. Carla Simón)
-- read my review here --

You Were Never Really Here 
(dir. Lynne Ramsay)


and the rest of our awards for 2018.

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Matty said...

Happy to see you included Cam. I really liked that one.