Thursday, February 14, 2019

Corey Stoll Two Times

There's not nearly enough Corey Stoll scheduled for us in 2019 -- he has one film called The Report on the docket, which is being directed by Soderbergh collaborator Scott Z. Burns and co-stars Adam Driver and Jon Hamm (that is a lot of testosterone on one set) --  but 2020 looks better. He's got Ryan Murphy's Nurse Ratched series for Netflix and he's got David Chase's Sopranos prequel with Alessandro Nivola. I hope his roles are substantial! It always feels like we're never getting enough Corey dammit. (Why yes I am looking at you, First Man.) Maybe Corey will do Shakespeare in the Park again this summer and bust out those leather trousers again...


Anonymous said...

You mean scheduled for us in 2019? ;)

It should be a law that he has to wear leather pants for all his roles.

Jason Adams said...

Whoops yes 2018 -- fixed that. Thanks Anon