Thursday, February 14, 2019

Great Moments In Movie Shelves #179

Queen Anne's library in The Favourite isn't just a glory to behold, but it's also of terrible importance to the plot -- one of Abagail's better qualities is her focus on her education in bettering herself; she immediately starts swiping books from it the second she gets a job in the palace, so much so that everybody up to and including Lord Harley makes cracks about it.

Of course it's while she's sneaking a peek at some dusty second-floor volume one night when she learns the steamy truth about the relationship between Anne and Lady Sarah -- book learning is one thing, but experience, real life experience, is a whole nother.

My favorite -- or exscuse me, my favourite, can't forget the British spelling -- thing about this moment in the film is that is quite plainly really Emma Stone standing there getting great big books thrown right at her face; I spasm every time I watch this part, don't you? She earned that goddamn nomination, you guys. 

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