Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Oscars For Everybody

Well it's my last long weekend of the summer y'all, but it's a real long one - I'm off tomorrow til Tuesday. After that it's back to the usual schedule - no more Summer Fridays, or Summer Thursdays even as has been the last few weeks surprisingly generous routine. So prepare yourselves to stop wanting more of me and being real sick of me real quick. Anyway I can't really tell you if any of the movies out this weekend are any good since I haven't seen any of them - will Oscar Isaac's Nazi-hunting bum live up to all the possibility it holds within itself for Operation Finale

Or will Oscar's former Ex-Machina and current Star Wars co-star Domhnall Gleeson get them ghosts in The Little Stranger? Who knows? But I do like the fact that these two have the big movies out this weekend - Ex Machina forever! Anyway I can say that there are several movies already in theaters worth seeing - go see Glenn Close kick ass as The Wife. Go get Crazy with those Rich Asians. Or most importantly indulge your inner beasts with year-best We the Animals. And we'll see you back here Tuesday. As a parting gift here after the jump a few bonus shots of Oscar...


MTMSLG said...

I loved the novel The Little Stranger and will check out The Wife because, well Glenn Close is a goddamn GODDESS. And probably Operation Finale (terrible title!) But don't get me started with that Crazy Rich Asians fiasco! OOOOH, it's soooo great to have such an inclusive movie with depictions of minorities who rarely get screen time! I call BS: Both gay characters were the usual insulting stereotypes. The kooky best friend who just happens to be a sexless lesbian, and the bitchy, fashion obsessed queen who only exists to give the straight girl a make-over. Spare me.

Deets said...

Operation Finale was a disappointment. How could you take a suspenseful story like that and bland it down? I felt the real movie was being shown somewhere else.

Crazy Rich Asians is an enjoyable romp of a rom-com. See it for yourself.