Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Good Morning, World

Hello everyone and welcome back (to me anyway, since I don't know where you've been) from the holiday -- you know in theory I tell myself every year that the annual desert fest called Burning Man looks like the douchiest place on Earth; my Kryptonite, really. But then people like Julian Morris (above) and...

... Jai Courtney post photos of themselves there half-naked hanging with the plebes and a little (okay a big) part of me screams, wails, and gnashes just the opposite. Perhaps I am too hard on Burning Man? Cut to people dressed like Kit the car from Knight Rider as a Sexy Transformer fighting in the Thunderdome and no, no, I am not hard on Burning Man, nevermind. But thanks to Jai and Julian (and Julian's good good friend Landon Ross) for giving us its good side...

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MJL said...

I've been to Burning Man and it is awesome. Best story -- my first morning there, I biked out to the furthest point and was taking photos of the art at dawn. I heard someone behind me, referring to the art, say "Well, this is my Oh My God moment this year." I turned and saw a man in his seventies, wearing a Stetson hat, hiking boots and woolen socks. And nothing else. I agreed that it was definitely an OMG moment.

It has exploded in recent years (it's about 2X the size it was when I went), but I'd love to go back. Yes, there are a lot of people in . . . . odd . . . . costumes (think Sparkle Ponies), but it's all about being that version of yourself you don't usually feel free to be. When you see someone in the Kit Transformer Thunderdome costume, it doesn't seem douchey -- it's a celebration of their creativity and their willingness to do something wild.