Wednesday, January 17, 2018

I Am Link

--- Spider Bites - That there is the first picture of Tom Hardy in Venom, his upcoming Spider-man spin-off movie - clearly this is before he turns into a gaping mawed black goo person. In related news the rumor's a'swirl that Spider-twink himself Tom Holland will make an appearance in the film, which kind of clears up the question (if the rumor's a'true) whether this movie will be set in the same universe as the Avengers et al. And speaking of Spider-twink we just found out that Timothee Chalamet read for the role once! He could have been our Spider-twink! He told the story while accepting an award this past week. Oh well guess he'll just have to deal with unanimous critical adoration instead, poor thing. (thx Mac)

--- Capitán Fantastic - Chile's foreign-film submission for the Oscars A Fantastic Woman got a wee release here in NYC last fall but it's going to get a real release in February and I haven't written a review yet but it is a (dare I say) fantastic movie, I am dying to see it a second time, and you should all seek it out the minute it's available for seeking. Vanity Fair talked to the film's director and the film's star the absolutely terrific and hypnotic Daniela Vega, click on over to read that. 

--- Gemini People - Back in October I had a momentary freak-out on Twitter wondering where the hell Ang Lee had gotten himself to, so this week's news of casting for his next movie has really perked up that several month old sore spot. The movie is called Gemini Man and it will star Will Smith in dual roles - he'll play an over-the-hill assassin and his 25 year younger clone, and the two will be trying to kill each other. It sounds like this is another chance for Ang to futz around with fancy technology - I'm guessing the twinning stuff won't look like an episode of The Patty Duke Show! - but I will allow it because of the supporting cast Ang is lining up, which so far includes Clive Owen and the goddess Mary Elizabeth Winstead. MEW beat out both Tatiana Maslany and Elizabeth Debicki for the role, and honestly with choices like that how does one even begin to choose?

--- Jason's Dead - There was a rumor going around last week that Blumhouse was going to reboot the Friday the 13th series (yes we hear this same rumor every six months or so) but BD beat the stuffing out of it this time with a What's What on the rights issues for the series, which are currently in the middle of a big lawsuit. Anyway if you need your Voorhees Fix you could go watch a 40 minute doc on YouTube about the dude who played Jason in Part III (aka the best one) which BD explains all about right here.

--- Tis A Video - Vulture's Kyle Buchanan got his greedy mitts on the gold star of Call Me By Your Name coverage, interviewing the elusive Sufjan Stevens about the heart-rending and gorgeous songs he created for the film, and about his meeting with Luca Guadagnino (the coat story is priceless - and you can see the follow-up to it on Twitter too), and oh yeah finding out that Sufjan's seen the film FOUR TIMES now. Keep trying, Suffy - you'll never catch up! In related news our pal Chris tackled the CMBYN soundtrack in his weekly column at The Film Experience this past week.

--- Show Men - At first the thought of Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron starring in a movie together was an appealing thing to me but I realized after the first trailer that The Greatest Showman was definitely not going to be My Thing. Getting me to enthuse about a musical is oft a tricky path anyway. That said Nathaneil at The Film Experience makes an excellent case today, on the basis of the film's secret box office success, we really should be seeing more musicals, and I don't disagree with him.
--- Lost Boy - I am really very overly anxious for Brad Anderson, the director of the tremendous Session 9 some oh seventeen years ago, to properly follow that movie up - he's made good stuff like Transsiberian and The Machinist, but nothing quite as magic as that 2001 movie. Anyway he's never stopped working this whole time, and here comes another chance - he's made a movie called Beirut, which was written by Tony "Michael Clayton" Gilroy, and which stars Jon Hamm and Rosamund Pike. That's a good pair of stars! Let's hope he has something for them. That movie is out in April.

--- Where's My Freak - I am surprised to read that Ben Wheatley has supposedly not filmed Freak Shift, his movie with Armie Hammer and Alicia Vikander, yet; I thought they had that in the can? But that's what DH says as they share word that Wheatley's currently in L.A. shooting a super-quick (just eleven  days) secret project titled (at least according to the clapperboard that Wheatley posted on his Instagram) Colin You Anus. (LOL.) No word on what the hell it is but given how mind-bending his A Field in England was, which he also shot on a shoestring in just a dozen days, I'm hopeful here! Oh and in Also Armie Hammer News a couple of pictures of him in his upcoming film Final Portrait are right here. Armie is also playing a homosexual in this! This is out in March.
--- And Finally I could've sworn I had shared one of the foreign-language trailers for Francois Ozon's upcoming movie Double Lover, which has been out in his home of France for awhile now, but a quick scan through the archives tells me otherwise - we have shared a couple of lovely nudie photographs of Jérémie Renier in the movie (including this shot of Jérémie Renier kissing Jérémie Renier, ooh la la) but no trailer. Which is fine, turns out, because now we have an english-language trailer to watch. The movie is out here in the US on Valentine's Day! Watch:


Anonymous said...

That original Sufjan narration concept by Luca is really interesting. I will say that I love Sufjan's speaking voice - it's got this American bass sound to it and is such a contrast to his light angel-like singing voice.

Glenn said...

Did you watch The Sinner? Anderson directed some episodes of that, too.

Jason Adams said...

Did he? No I haven't seen any of it. It's on the list