Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Good Morning, World

(click to embiggen) Thanks to Nathaniel for alerting me to this picture of French actor Jérémie Renier over at The Film Experience - this one's clearly a keeper. As Nat points out and I agree it's been awfully quiet on the upcoming Ozon movie L'amant double that Jérémie apparently sexes it up in ever since it wowed (and maybe disgusted?) some folks at Cannes in the spring. See our previous post on that (which also funny enough includes Jeremie sitting around naked) right here. Gimme already! Gimme gimme.


BJD said...

Please know; there is no such word as "embiggen". The correct word is "enlarge". Pedantry can be good...

JA said...

Please know, you're in the wrong place if that is what you're looking for, dearest friend - language is a living breathing lad and I love to twist and mangle her as much as I can. Pedantry is hopelessly boring. EMBIGGEN YOUR MIND.