Friday, March 24, 2017

Pic of the Day

That is the first picture (or half of it anyway) from Francois Ozon's new movie called L'Amant double (which translates directly to The Double Lover but I assume they'll come up with a better translation for English-speaking audiences because that's kind of clumsy and maybe sounds like a hamburger?) and yes that is a perfectly nude Jérémie Renier, which is something we always appreciate. Those lady legs belong to Marine Vacth, who starred in Ozon's film Young & Beautiful, in which she was totally terrific. If you'd like to see the rest of her click here - I don't want to get in trouble for posting female breasts of all things. Of all things!

I think this is only Renier's third time working with Ozon after Potiche and Criminal Lovers? Which is weird - I associate the two of them more than that in my brain... but then for some reason my brain always mashes Ozon & Olivier Assayas together (I don't know why) and I think that's what's happening here. Anyway this movie will be out some time this year, just in case Frantz, Ozon's great little movie which is in theaters right this minute, isn't enough Ozon for you for one 12 month span. (Never enough!)

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tanpoffel said...

He only did one film with Assayas (SUMMER HOURS) but even so he looms large, I agree. Perhaps as large as his derrière in that fantastic Pierre & Gilles shot he did for the promo of his first Ozon film?