Tuesday, August 01, 2023

Which is Hotter?

Two of MNPP's favorite underrated hot pieces have taken shirtless glass-door selfies and posted them to Instagram over the past week -- a weird coincidence! But one that gives us the fun opportunity to force them to duke it out via their spectacular abdominal muscles. (And tell me you wouldn't pay good money to watch that.) Above is the actor Edward Holcroft (via), best known for the Kingsman movies (check our Eddie archives here), and below...

... is Morgan Spector (via), who's married to Rebecca Hall and is everybody's main lust object on The Gilded Age, among other notable accomplishments. (Check our Morgan archives here, but really make sure you see this post in particular.) This is Morgan's second gratuitous selfie this summer (after this one hubba hubba), and we are deeply appreciative of his newfound social media thirst. Anyway, now we make them fight:

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Anonymous said...

Normally those tats would make him a no for me but he's otherwise so hot I can't not vote for him.