Tuesday, August 01, 2023

Getcha Nutty Gay Stuff Here

With all due respect to my beloveds at the boutique physical-media label Altered Innocence I am going to use a photo of model-turned-actor Matthieu Charneau up top of this post in order to grab everybody's attention, and then down below I will post the physical media cover-art, which is nice but, you know, NOT THAT. Anyway to get to the point those wonderful people at Altered Innocence are putting out a collection of short films from Portuguese director Carlos Conceição next month, top-lined by his stunning and strange 2021 medium-sized movie (it's about fifty minutes long) called Name Above Title, which stars Mr. Charneau there as the sexiest goddamned serial killer you ever done seen. I reviewed the film briefly right here -- I really dug it, as its own little mixture of Almodovar and Bidgood and all kinds of queer influences, and the chance to finally see more of Conceição's work is very very exciting to me! Check out all of the details over at Vinegar Syndrome, where you can pre-order the set right this minute.

Also of note -- VS is dropping Martin Walz's outrageous 1996 satirical AIDS comedy Killer Condom onto 4K, which is a sentence I really really really never thought I'd write. The set seems absolutely bonkers, stuffed with seedy extras and juicy special features -- pre-order that right here, and below I will share the trailer. I loved this movie when I was in college but I haven't seen it since -- hell I kind of forgot it existed. How that happened I have no idea! This movie should really be considered unforgettable, once you've beheld it. I mean, read this sentence: "Featuring gag-inducing special effects by notorious splatter master Jörg Buttgereit (Nekromantik, Schramm) along with Academy Award-winner H. R. Giger (Alien, Species) serving as creative consultant." Good lord!

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