Thursday, June 29, 2017

Good Morning, Gratuitous Morgan Spector

I wish I could say that Morgan Spector's been on my mind ever since I saw him on-stage opposite Charlie Cox last year in that play Incognito - it wouldn't be a lie to say he caught my eye up there on that stage, but I was there for Charlie, let's be real. 

And it might be true that me getting around to this post was brought on by this week's tepid viewing of the first episode of The Mist, which I made reference to yesterday - I know that Morgan is better than what he's being handed there. 

But it is actually a conspiracy between two things that's finally got me doing this post. One, Morgan is in that movie Permission that I reviewed at Tribeca (and which I called "surprisingly sexy" in the bald hopes of getting a poster whore quote) that also stars Dan Stevens and Rebecca Hall and Gena Gershon (not to mention Francois Arnaud's Penis) and which is, and I quote myself, "surprisingly sexy." 

And bringing a lot of that sex to the film is Morgan himself, who plays Hall's brother's boyfriend and who saunters around the film half-naked a lot and has a hot gay sex scene to boot.

The second conspiratorial factor in today's post is the fact that I only recently (as in a couple of weeks ago, long after seeing Permission) found out that Morgan is married to his co-star Rebecca Hall, and I am obsessed with them, as individuals and a couple, now. There was a really fascinating profile on Hall in The New Yorker a few weeks ago - did any of you read it? And she comes off as, in my boyfriend's words (and he didn't even read the article) "a superior human." Not in that obnoxious better-than-you way, but in that definitely better than all of us way that one should aspire towards. She is smart and she paints - really good paintings too! - and she is a fine actress and she has this regal bearing about her that I love, and she married Morgan Spector the end.

She is smart. Okay I am besotted, it's true. Hall was so so so spectacular in Christine last year though, so I have excuses, and coming along for the ride is this great big hot man she has attached to herself. And here we are. I had to rush this post a little bit - as I gathered it up this morning I realized it was going to be afternoon by the time I got it finished if I didn't, and what good is a "Good Morning" post is it's in the afternoon? Still there's plenty more after the jump (like almost 100 more, and it gets pretty NSFW at that) so hit the jump for plenty more...


Dame James said...


J.D. Alexander said...

I think i'm in heaven

Rui Silva said...

Is Dan Stevens naked in that movie?

JA said...

I think he's kind of naked? Like we see some side cheek maybe? I don't remember, weirdly!

Dre Brown said...

now, THIS is a sexy man. In case anyone was wonderin'