Tuesday, January 17, 2023

If It's Jake I Will Watch

I had forgotten that Jake Gyllenhaal was about to star in a Guy Ritchie movie -- when I first heard about it and posted about it we didn't have any more information than just that, but then a couple of weeks after that we found out it was going to be called The Interpreter and it was telling a true-life story about a soldier who went back into Afghanistan to try to rescue his interpreter after the US wheeled out of that country. Maybe that's why I forgot -- it sounds like a political minefield and I don't trust Guy Ritchie to tackle such things with a delicate touch. Jake though, I know Jake's a good boy politically, so we'll see I suppose. Anyway the movie now has a different title -- it's called The Covenant and today Jake shared the photo from the set seen here. Along with word that it is hitting theaters on April 21st. So we will probably have a trailer soon. At least Jake looks good and butch; it will get me through. As will the cast list full of hot pieces like Alexander Ludwig and The Boys' actor Antony Starr! Ooo-rah!


Anonymous said...

If Jake doesn't start becoming more selective in his movie career choices, he's going to turn into the next Nicolas Cage.

Jake said...

LOVE!!!! His gray in his beard, Mmmmmmm!!!!

Anonymous said...

I fear Jake will turn out to be another Ben Affleck - generic roles but try to Oscar-baity.