Thursday, January 05, 2023

Good Morning, World

Awww remember Bradley Cooper on Alias? We were all so full of possibility back then. I try to remember back to those happier times when he comes up now but he makes it difficult, what with the stealing jobs from Jake and the ear-bleeding musicals with Lady Gaga. I did think he was terrific in Nightmare Alley though, and not just because I saw his wee-wee. And maybe him macking on Matt Bomer in [the movie he stole from Jake] will be something I also gravitate towards. The world is still full of possibilites, believe it or not! And so a happy 48th birthday to Bradley today. Let's all watch some Alias today in his honor. 


John said...

I thought Brad was really good in A Star is Born, I have not yet seen Nightmare Alley but it's in my Netflix queue.

Jake said...

Bradley is so fucking HOT!!! Hot body and nice big 14 size feet!!!

John said...

Jake, so big toes lol