Wednesday, January 04, 2023

Miss M3GAN If You're Nasty

I knew the second the internet freaked out over the trailer for M3GAN, Blumhouse's new horror movie about a killer doll of hi-tech sorts, that I would not be watching the trailer for M3GAN -- horror trailers tend to be the worst offenders in giving away the good stuff. (See also today's trailer for the new Evil Dead movie -- I won't be watching that either dammit!) Anyway I knew I'd made the right decision last night while watching M3GAN, a blissfully deranged fun-time at the film-house -- I still think you'll have plenty to appreciate if you've watched that trailer yourselves, but my clean slate brains were blown right away by this brand new icon. Click on over to The Film Experience where I have written up further, not-spoilery thoughts -- I mean I guess that I admit that M3GAN is a maniac but if that's considered a spoiler in this context I think you have perhaps never seen a movie before.


das buut said...

Honestly, at this point, I'd rather stick everyone involved with this stupid looking shit in an industrial trash compactor and turn it on to hear some genuine screams. At least then I know someone somewhere would actually be afraid about something a hollywood film crew was involved in.

Anonymous said...

Why do people like das buut post insane stuff like the previous post. Truly miserable person.