Friday, May 06, 2022

Twenty-Four Seconds

A twenty-four second long teaser for Park Chan-wook's new film Decision to Leave has been dropped on our lucky faces here today before it premieres at Cannes in a couple of weeks, and there is more evocative imagery in that twenty-four seconds than some filmmakers can seem to manage in a lifetime. I've said this before... no seriously, I have proof:

... but there is no director working today that is better with color than Park Chan-wook, and every single shot in this teaser for Decision to Leave proves it anew. I don't think I will watch any longer trailers when they come -- this is a feast enough until the whole movie itself, baby! 

The smart smart smart folks at MUBI snatched this movie up already before it's even premiered, and are planning on releasing it this fall -- if anyone at MUBI is reading this I beg you, please release it sooner. I will die. I will actually die, if I have to wait for this movie until the fall. Do you want that on your conscience? I am the voice of a generation! Well, some generation. Like, the voice of one of the middling cavemen generations, anyway. Imagine life without that!

Anyway should I say what the hell this movie is? I have said it before -- I've been saying it since I first heard about this several years back -- but perhaps this is a good moment to regroup. Decision to Leave stars Bong Joon-ho regular Park Hae-il and the great Tang Wei (so excellent in Ang Lee's film Lust, Caution) and as a detective investigating a murder and the murdered man's wife respectively, and yadda yadda we all know how these noir-esque plots but of course PCW will make it his own.

Because that's how greatness rolls, baby. Anyway add this one to the pile of movies I am dying for this year -- along with Peter Strickland's Flux Gourmet and David Cronenberg's Crimes of the Future (that one just got a trailer today too!) -- this year is turning out to be a goddamned lot isn't it??? Well, I mean movie-wise -- everything else has been 'a goddamned lot" for several years now. But the movies are helping us out, at least. Anyway because I am that spazz I went through this twenty-four second teaser and made gifs of basically every shot except two or three that were too brief to bother with, and if you hit the jump your eyeballs with say thank you...

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