Monday, October 11, 2021

Bye Bond's Bulges

Did any of you watch No Time To Die over the weekend? I reviewed it here; it made some money so maybe you did go and see it, and if so all I have to say is -- Fuck you! Why didn't anybody snap photos of Daniel Craig's multiple prominent VPL moments and send them to me??? That flick's a bulge-fest but you wouldn't know it going by the internet, save my tweets following the press screening of course (see down below). 

Do I have to do everything? I couldn't pull out my photo in the press screening, for god's sake -- you guys need me to keep getting invited so I can direct you the right places to be, after all. Eesh. The film's been out internationally for three days and not one gif on Tumblr -- this world is definitely not enough; not by a long shot!

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