Monday, October 11, 2021

Nightstream: Stanleyville in 150 Words or Less

I always appreciate a piece of art that looks out unto the world and sees one big snake-pit of absurdity staring back, and Maxwell McCabe-Lokos' Stanleyville (which just screened as part of the Nightstream Fest) sees the snake-pit and raises it by order of a circus. Like an episode of Survivor for sociopathic miscreants who've inhaled enough helium to induce a psychotic break, the film drops five strangers into a locked room and tells them if they do so-and-so one of them will win a car -- it's just the "so-and-so" where things get sticky, and before you know it -- sticky everything! Possibly dreamt up by Agatha Christie on a peyote trip, Stanleyville revels in preposterousness, and as such speaks my language. I dug, I dug.

(Oscilloscope will be releasing this movie, stay tuned for more info.)

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[ joe ] said...

This has no purpose, nor does it entertain. I’m furious at the absolute waste of ninety minutes. There’s no use. It’s just rubbish.