Thursday, September 23, 2021

You Are Not My TIFF Reviews

One more review out of the Toronto International Film Festival to link to -- here is my take over at Pajiba on the Irish horror flick You Are Not My Mother, which (spoiler alert) you should keep your eyes on the lookout for, because it's terrific. I'll presumably help you out and share info on its release whenever that's a thing. Anyway I don't know if I'll be reviewing anything else from TIFF at this point, now that I'm already well into NYFF press screenings, so I should quick round-up what else I did review! Here goes:

-- reviewed here
One Second -- reviewed here
DASHCAM -- reviewed here
Zalava -- reviewed here
Dug Dug -- reviewed here

After Blue: Dirty Paradise
-- reviewed here
Petite Maman -- reviewed here
Kicking Blood -- reviewed here 
The Guilty -- reviewed here
Mothering Sunday -- reviewed here

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