Monday, April 12, 2021

Brutes On Tap

So did any of you watch Raoul Peck's four-hour docu-series Exterminate All the Brutes this past week on HBO? It's streaming on HBO Max right now so if not, I recommend it heartily -- tackling as it does history's genocidal institutionalization of racism it's by no means, uhh, easy... but saying it's "well worth your time" is as much of an understatement as was me using the word "easy" a second ago. (If you missed it I shared the trailer last week, if you need more of an idea of what the hell I am talking about.) Anyway it's a Must Watch sort of thing. Like, Must Watch as in Should Be Shown In Schools From Here On Out. So go watch it. And once you've watched it you can go read some of my wildly inadequate thoughts on Peck's really extraordinary accomplishment over at Pajiba today, as a treat. I focus a lot on Josh Hartnett's small and sporadic presence across the series, as is my wont, but it really does feel like a key that unlocks the piece as a whole. To me. And I'd love to hear your thoughts! This is going to be one of the defining pieces of art this year -- I honestly cannot believe that HBO even aired this thing. Huge props to them though for giving someone as astonishingly sharp and truth-telling as Peck this great big platform. 

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bdog said...

I swear you read my mind sometimes. I'm starting this tonight, sounds like I'll need to space it out.