Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Keep Two Eyes Out, Actually

This movie just came up last week when I told you about the films playing at the "Rendez-Vous With French Cinema" fest next month and I didn't realize then that this, which played that fest in 2019, hadn't even seen a U.S. release yet! But today comes the news that Rubber and Deerskin director slash absurdist-king Quentin Dupieux's delightfully weird little flick Keep an Eye Out! is hitting "theaters and virtual theaters" on March 5th (locations listed here) -- there's also a new trailer, seen down below. I reviewed the movie right here -- it's barely 70 minutes long but like all of Dupieux's movies a heap of fun, and I recommend. And I hope Mandibles, Dupieux's new flick about a gigantic housefly doing crimes (which is playing "Rendez-vous" in a few weeks) lives up to these lofty goofball standards!

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