Tuesday, February 16, 2021

If At Firth You Don't Succeed

Suppose it would've behooved me to add this news as an aside to this morning's post about Colin Firth and Hart Bochner playing gay chicken with each other in 1988's Apartment Zero but I didn't notice it until just now -- this year's also seen Colin Firth once again playing gay, this time textually so, in Supernova, and Supernova is out on digital streaming today. You can rent it at Amazon -- it's on sale right now for a measly $5.49 for god's sake! I reviewed the film a few weeks back when it played in "theaters" -- read that at Pajiba. I said it at the time but that writing that review is one of the few times I have actually made myself weep from the words I was typing. I'm so lame! You should definitely laugh at me! Anyway Tucci is very good here but Firth is best in show for me, in this -- an incredibly moving performance from him. He does Gay Grief real good!

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I recommend this movie. 💯👍🏻✔