Friday, January 15, 2021

Tahar Rahim Seven Times

Huzzah Flaunt magazine has bestowed upon our weary heads a brand new Tahar Rahim photoshoot and interview this Friday afternoon -- it has been after all an entire week since the last one we posted, so we were hardcore jonesing. It's a good reminder I suppose that I should watch his Guantánamo drama The Mauritanian this weekend while I still have the time, pre-Sundance. I was hoping we'd have a date for when his other project The Serpent, the BBC drama about a real-life 70s serial killer that I've praised a couple of times, was going to drop onto Netflix here in the US, but they still haven't as far as I can tell announced that yet. I hope they do soon! I want to hear what y'all think. For now I suppose let's enjoy this lovely sweater-filled photo-shoot here, after the jump...

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