Friday, December 04, 2020

Pic of the Day

After a quick search I see now that I never did a post when it was first announced that Taron Egerton was making Tetris: The Movie, which isn't actually what I first feared when I heard that -- no, he is not voicing the T-shaped block as it heads out onto a wacky animated adventure. He's actually just starring in a biopic of Henk Rogers, the man who got the game onto gaming consoles back in the 80s, from his Kingsman director Matthew Vaughn. Anyway it's a shame I never did a post before, because I really missed out on the opportunity to make a crass joke about Taron's piece fitting right into my piece or whatever -- the world needs that! So thankfully today Taron posted this photo of himself in be-stached character on his Instagram, and re-gave me the chance. So here goes. Ahem. Are you ready? Here goes. Umm... yeah, I don't actually have any Tetris jokes. That's a shame. I keep thinking up good lines but when I try to make them fit in they just disappear. 


Anonymous said...

Timothee Chalamet embarks on rigorous training program, gains twenty pounds of muscle to play the zigzag shaped block

Anonymous said...


J.D. said...

Gotta love that mustache on him