Tuesday, December 08, 2020

6 Off My Head: Mad About the Matty

I'll admit it feels a little ridiculous to be doing two of these types of lists within the span of two days -- yesterday I did this for birthday boy Nichols Hoult -- but a cursory search across the site tells me I've never afforded an actor I love even more than Nicky, one Matthias Schoenaerts, the same treatment. And now, we must pause, because I am going to spend a moment thinking about giving Nicky & Matthias "the same treatment" whilst preferably together. [Five minutes pass...] 

Ahem. Hello! I am back. What was we talking about? Oh right, acting! Matthias Schoenaerts, an actor I have loved long and hard ever since 2011 -- I had seen him in a couple things before 2011 but 2011 was the turning point -- is turning 43 today! Hey we're basically the same age, give a couple of months! And double hey, we're basically the same height, as can be seen by that time he posed for a photo with me after a screening. 

Unfortunately that's where the similarities end as he's way better an actor than I am at literally anything, but that's alright -- he can bring home the bacon, and I'll massage his feet every night. I am willing to live with that arrangement. Wait what were we talking about? Oh right... in all seriousness he's a Top Five actor for me. One of the Greats already, as far as I'm concerned -- I couldn't even limit myself to the usual "Top Five" with today's list, so here are...

My 6 Favorite Matthias Schoenaerts Performances

Gabriel, Far From the Madding Crowd (2015)

Jacky, Bullhead (2011)

Vincent, Disorder (2015)

Alain, Rust and Bone (2012)

Roman, The Mustang (2019)

Paul, A Bigger Splash (2015)


What are your favorite Matthias performances?


tanpoffel said...

Two of most underrated performances are in Dutch: In PULSAR (which is on YouTube), he's terrific as a crazy loner in an atmospheric film that doesn't quite come together, and in THE PRESIDENT, he plays an Albanian crook in a supporting role that's hilariously misjudged (it doesn't fit into the rest of the movie in terms of the tone at all), though he's so much fun to watch regardless.

Jason Adams said...

Oh I love you, thank you for those! I will def seek them out

Anonymous said...

Love him but still don’t know how to pronounce his name LOL

Petey said...

pssst--you should visit Eddie Arrazola's Instagram feed; who is he? He's Nicholas Hoult's trainer, and there's a photo of them together taken last March at the Lobos Boxing Club and both of them are actually ...quite looking mighty fine.