Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Théodore Pellerin Four Times

I'm still in mourning over the second-thought cancellation of On Becoming a God in Central Florida, due to the pandemic -- it had originally been renewed but, you know, plague happened, and they pulled the plug. This was literally the worst thing to happen in 2020!!! Anyway I went looking for pain management on actor and cartoon-Frenchman Théodore Pellerin's Instagram page and came away with these four photos to share with y'all. You can see more of our previous Pellerin posts at this link -- specifically I really recommend this one. he's got more shape then you might think at first glance! Pellerin can also be seen in one of the year's best films, Never Rarely Sometimes Always, which I reviewed over here and highly recommend you seek out!


Anonymous said...

Jason, what is your favourite movie of the year so far? Mine is definitely Never Rarely Sometimes Always.

Jason Adams said...

I am not spoiling it :) NRSA is wonderful though, and will make my list!

Anonymous said...