Friday, September 09, 2011

Gratuitous Matthias Schoenaerts


Never say I am not a man of my word! Okay you can say it, often (and where is that Drive review I keep saying I'm gonna write?), but not in this instance, which is completely awesome. Earlier today when he got cast in the new film from A Prophet director Jacques Audiard I said I'd deliver a gratuitous post for the Belgian actor Matthias Schoenaerts, and here we are. I first caught Matthias in Paul Verhoeven's Black Book (I confused him with Michiel Huisman earlier today, another fantastically sexy Belgian Dutch man in need of a gratuitous post), and then next in the horror film Left Bank which is when I first remember thinking, "Jeez I should post about him."

While looking him up today I've seen a whole bunch of raves for a 2011 movie called Bullhead, for both him and the film itself - anybody seen it? It doesn't have any US release dates listed but it's been making some International festival rounds and it sounds interesting. Anyway! I know what you're here for. There are 33 more pictures after the jump. So jump! Jump!


Anonymous said...

Even better, he's co-starring in the U.S. remake of a Flemish hit, called The Loft. That film's cast is drop dead gorgeous: Schoenaerts, James Marsden, Wentworth Miller and Karl Urban. (Schoenaerts plays the same role as in the original film.)

Anonymous said...

Michiel Huisman is Dutch, not Belgian...!

Jason Adams said...

Whoops, fixed that, thanks anon.

Anonymous said...

he is belgians hottest actor at the moment.
for the movie bullshead he gained a lot of wait,( mostly musclels),the movie is about the hormonmaffia in belgium, in the movie he plays a farmer who injects himself with a lot of hormons, great movie.
xxxx from belgium