Monday, August 03, 2020

Good Morning, World

A happy belated-by-two-days 30th birthday to the actor Jack O'Connell, seen here on the television program that gave half the British actors now working their beginning, Skins -- looking through that cast list now really is a wowza of a Who's Who. Jack! Nicky Hoult! Joe Dempsie! Dev Patel! Some actresses or whatever too!

I was too old to watch Skins at the time and I'm definitely too old to watch it now -- even looking at these gifs make me feel like Jeremy Irons asking Dominique Swan to sit on his lap on the rocking chair. Anyway I am very much looking forward to Jack's upcoming series The North Water with director Andrew Haigh and fellow actor Colin Farrell, where double-checking Jack's age is no longer a factor -- read more about that here, and a happy 30 to Jack! 

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mac20 said...

My reference would have been Sue Lyon on James Mason’s lap. So don’t feel too bad!