Monday, August 03, 2020

Pics of the Day


Heads-up if you're Movie Poster Inclined -- and I have a feeling many of my readers are thus -- that the Westgate Gallery in Los Angeles has been having a massive online sale on their inventory for the past couple of weeks and, as seen above, I recommend it! I probably should have done this post last week but who the hell can remember what's happening from minute to minute anymore. Anyway seen above are ten of the fourteen posters I got for dirt cheap -- actually the Querelle poster is an outlier because I got that off of eBay but I wanted to photograph it too because, you know, Brad Davis bein' gay. Anyway those posters are for some of my favorite movies of all time and my life is richer and more luxurious now is my point. I am basically the movie nerd version of Alexis Carrington.


Laramie Dean said...

Oooooh, show us THE STEPFORD WIVES poster! (And now I'm about to click the "I'm not a robot" button to post this comment ... ah blogger, you know me so well ... I simply must get that recipe ... I simply must get that recipe ... I simply must ...)

Pierce said...

I have All About Eve and a charming classic MGM failure titled Enchantment framed in my bedroom, and I have Cenerentola in Parigi (Funny Face) Minions and Coco Avant Chanel all framed and hanging in my spare bedroom.

joel65913 said...

That is an extremely disquieting but spot on poster for They Shoot Horses, Don't They? It's amazing but I don't know if I'd want too see that every day. So nihilistic but then that's the movie.

Anonymous said...

Problem with poster collecting is framing them costs so damn much. I have a few really nice ones that I got online and custom framing them cost more than the actual poster.